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Anuel AA Net Worth, Haircut, Height, Age, Tattoo

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Anuel Aa Net Worth, Haircut, Height, Age, Tattoo

Emmanuel “Anuel AA” Gazmey Santiago is one of the most prominent Latin artists despite controversies and legal troubles. He famously recorded his debut album, Real Hasta la Muerte, while in prison and released it when he was set free.

Anuel AA’s career truly took off after his mixtape, Real Hasta la Muerte, but was cut short after being imprisoned for illegal firearm possession. Moreover, when he released his debut studio album with the same title, it was a hit and reached the Billboard Hot Latin songs. Since then, he has collaborated with big names such as Daddy Yankee, Karol G, and 6ix9ine.

How much is Anuel AA’s net worth in 2022? Keep reading to learn more about his haircut, height, age, and tattoos.

Anuel AA Net Worth

The Latino rapper is very wealthy, and you will be surprised to know his net worth. But how does he earn his money? Most of his income comes from music production, record and album sales, and concert fees as a rap artist.

Generally, the rapper’s concert ticket will cost you $120. Furthermore, the rapper charges over $50,000 for a live performance.

Indeed, he makes a pretty penny from his Youtube channel with over 21 million subscribers. Additionally, some of his company endorsements include big-name companies such as Nike and Foot Locker.

Most prominent Latin artists, Anuel AA Networth

Most prominent Latin artists, Anuel AA

Moreover, as of early 2022, Anuel AA has an estimated net worth of a staggering $20 million.

Finally, despite his controversies with other artists and jail time, Puerto Rico-born singer is still one of the most successful and well-known artists today. Indeed, his influence in his field of music was so significant that many consider him to be a pioneer of Latin trap.

How tall is Anuel AA?

Compared to the target of his diss tracks, Cosculluela, who is 5’8″, Anuel is slightly shorter by two inches (5’6″). Additionally, his collaboration partner, Daddy Yankee, is 5’7″, just slightly taller than him.

Furthermore, Anuel AA is taller than popular rapper 6ix9ine, who stands 5’5″.

How old is Anuel Aa? Birthday

Compared to the same artists, Anuel AA is much younger than Cosculluela and Daddy Yankee, who are 41 and 45 years old. He is older than 6ix9ine by four years as he is currently 25 years old.

Haircut and Style

Anuel AA usually has short hairstyles like a Caesar cut and fades on the side. However, he usually wears hats, caps, and beanies over them.


The rapper has over 27 tattoos all over his body. Some of which include a face-shifting elephant on his hand. Moreover, there is a depiction of him and his wife kissing on his back.

Furthermore, Emmanuel also has names of various people, such as his son and mother, tattooed around his hands. Finally, one of his biggest tattoos is of Dragonball Z on his shoulder and multiple skulls.

Anuel Aa has tattoos all over his body

Anuel Aa has tattoos all over his body

Quick Facts

Full Name Emmanuel Gazmey Santiago
Date of Birth November 26, 1992
Profession Rapper
Age (2022) 29
Place of Birth Carolina, Puerto Rico
Relationship Status In a relationship
Partner Yailin la Mas Viral
Children Pablo Anuel
Net Worth $20 million

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