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Home » Ben Wallace Net Worth, Height, Wife Chanda Wallace and Kids

Ben Wallace Net Worth, Height, Wife Chanda Wallace and Kids

Ben Wallace Net Worth, Height, Wife Chanda Wallace and Kids

Ben Wallace is a former professional basketball star. He is a member of the Naismith Basketball hall of fame 2021. The athlete is one of the fearsome defenders to ever play in the NBA. He is a giant with a violent yet tactical game.

Ben is also the winner of the 2004 NBA finals, which can be considered the peak of his Basketball career. Currently, the athlete works on his own Basketball venture by establishing the team Grand Rapid Golds.

In this article, we provide details on Ben Wallace, his wife Chanda Wallace, and his kids. In addition, you’ll also read about his net worth, height, and family details. Let’s get started.

Ben Wallace is married to his wife, Chanda Wallace. Kids

Chanda Wallace and Ben have been together for a long time now. Through thick and thin, the couple has stood together and completed more than two decades of their happy marriage.

In 2011, when Ben went through the probation of one year, his wife, Chanda, stood firmly for the athlete and supported him. Reportedly, Ben was driving under the intoxication of alcohol. Furthermore, he also had a concealed weapon with him. Thus, the court made the decision.

Ben Wallace with his Wife, Chanda and children

Ben Wallace with his wife, Chanda, and children

Ben and his spouse, Chanda, married in the year 2001 after some time of relationship. By that time, Ben was pretty established in his career but nowhere near where he is considered today. The couple shares three children as of 2022. They go by the names Ben Wallace Jr., Bryce, and Bailey. Chanda and Ben live in their home located in Richmond, Virginia.

Chanda is a beautiful woman of Afro-American origin. She has been with the athlete for most of her life and is living happily. Chanda currently has 5.3k followers on her Instagram handle as of 2022. Ben’s wife primarily shares pictures of herself on her wall and occasionally features pictures of videos of her kids.

In this post, we can see Ben Wallace’s wife vibing with her son, Bryce. Chanda is a great wife and seems like an even better mother.

Ben Wallace Wife Chanda Wallace on instagram

Ben Wallace Net Worth

The NBA star has achieved many things in his career. But fame and wealth definitely lead the pack. Ben has a net worth of massive $50 million as of 2022. His most prominent income source was his professional Basketball career. It helped him establish capital and start his own Basketball team after retirement.

Currently, he acts as the president of the ‘Grand Rapid Golds and leads the team.

Ben also receives a lot of engagement through his Instagram. Even though he occasionally posts stories, he does not make many posts on his Instagram handle. Clearly, the athlete is not a photo person. He has 141k followers on the account as of 2022.

Age and DOB

Ben Wallace is a well-built guy in his late 40s. He is 48 years old as of 2022. The athlete was born to parents Samuel Dos and Saddie Wallace in 1974. Furthermore, Ben celebrates his birthday every year on September 10. The athlete is African American by ethnicity. His zodiac sign is Virgo, according to his birth date.


As previously mentioned, Ben is a giant of a person. He stands at the height of 6 feet 9 inches. The athlete weighs around 109 kilograms.

image of former professional basketball star, Ben Wallace

Former professional basketball star, Ben Wallace


Ben was born to a pretty large family. He has seven brothers in total, one of which is no more. The oldest of the bunch, James McBride Sr., died when he was 58 years old. His other brothers go by names Sam Wallace, Dennis Wallace, James Wallace, David Wallace, Eden Wallace, and Pete Wallace.

Ben Wallace Wiki

Full Name Ben Cameron Wallace
Date of Birth September 10, 1974
Profession Former Basketball player, Current Owner of Basketball Team.
Age (2022) 48 years
Place of Birth Alabama, United States.
Birth Sign Virgo
Ethnicity African American
Height 2.06m (6’9”)
Weight 109 kilograms
Relationship Status Married
Spouse name Chanda Wallace
Children 3 Ben Jr. Wallace (son), Bryce Wallace (son), Bailey Wallace (daughter)
Net Worth $50 million
Parents Name Samuel Dos and Saddie Wallace
Instagram followers 141k

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