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Home » Bernice Burgos Daughter Ashley Burgos Age, Daughter, Net Worth, Wiki.

Bernice Burgos Daughter Ashley Burgos Age, Daughter, Net Worth, Wiki.

Bernice Burgos Daughter Ashley Burgos Age, Daughter, Wiki

Ashley Burgos gained fame from a very young age, thanks to her mother, Bernice Burgos. Ashley’s talent contributed to keeping the limelight ongoing. The model’s parents were teenagers when she was born. Thus, she had a struggling childhood. Read this to know Bernice Burgos’ daughter Ashley Burgos’ age, net worth.

After a while, their condition improved when her mother Bernice stepped into the modeling world as a video vixen. Despite having fame and money, Ashley, after finishing school, started working as a bartender and a waitress.

She worked as a model too. Her modeling work includes fashion brands such as Fashion Nova. Later, the model started working as a marketing manager and brand promoter of her businesses.

Ashley Burgos: Age and Background

Ashley Marie Burgos is a business owner and an Instagram celebrity. Furthermore, she is an American model having Puerto Rican roots. The celeb was born in 1996 in New York. As of 2022, she is 26 years old and observes her birthday every year on May 9.

Ashley’s parents were quite young when they had her. They were only 15 and 19. The model has a step-sister named Sarai Burgos. Sarai is ten years younger than Ashley.

Ashley completed her basic education at Hempstead High School. Soon after finishing off school, the model started working as a waitress and a bartender.

Her modeling career took off due to her attractive body feature when she posted a photo of her on Instagram. Her mother being in the modeling industry gave her a push too.

Bernice, her mother, stated that Ashely is domestic, shy, and likes to keep things to herself, but being in the limelight doesn’t really contribute to having a low life.


India Ava Aisha was born in February 2018. Ashley was only 21 when she gave birth to India. As of 2022, India is four years old. Having a daughter at a young age, many bullied the model. However, her mother totally supported her throughout the journey.

Ashley Burgos with her daughter, India Ava Aisha

Ashley Burgos with her daughter, India Ava Aisha

The biological father of India, Sambou Bubba Camara, is a businessman and CEO of Highbridge Music Label. Although Bubba was married, he and Ashley had been dating for some time.

Bubba divorced his then-wife when Ashley got pregnant. Bubba and Ashley, after his divorce, dated for a while. Soon after the birth of their daughter India they split up.

The model is quite secretive and doesn’t share much about her personal life, but currently, she is single and ready to mingle.

Ashley Burgos Net Worth

Ashley Marie Burgos, as an Instagram celebrity, business owner, and model, gains most of her income from sponsored posts on Instagram and her business ‘Bold and Beautiful.’

‘Bold and Beautiful’ is a business started by the model and her mother where they sell sporty and flirty sleepwear. She mostly works as a marketing manager and brand promoter of her business.

She had 200k followers on Instagram, which she deleted and started a new account. Ashley’s new Instagram account now has a follower of 142k. She earns $500 on her sponsored posts.

After the birth of the model’s daughter, she stopped working for a while. As a result of pregnancy, Ashley had gained a lot of weight.

This event inspired her to work out and even launch a line of fitness products named ‘The Miracle Fitness.’

This business of hers includes waist belts, detox tea which helps to get slimmer. Her business site is under construction at this time but will surely make a comeback soon.

Ashley Burgos’ net worth is $1 million as of 2022.

Image of an instagram celebrity and daughter of Bernice Burgos, Ashley Burgos

An Instagram celebrity and daughter of Bernice Burgos, Ashley Burgos


Full Name Ashley Marie Burgos
Date of Birth May 9, 1996
Age (2022) 26 years
Place of Birth New York, USA
Mother Bernice Burgos
Sibling Sarai Burgos
Daughter India Ava Aisha
Profession Model, business owner, Instagram celebrity
Relationship Single
Nationality American
Ethnicity Puerto Rican
Height 5’11”
Horoscope Taurus
Net worth $1 million
Instagram followers 142k
Business The Miracle Fitness

Bold and Beautiful

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