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Bo Burnham Net Worth, Height, Age

Bo Burnham Net Worth, Height, Age

Thinking of a critically acclaimed comedian, singer, and filmmaker? Look no further than Bo Burnham. The man behind Inside has had quite a career and an equally impressive net worth.

If you’re curious to find out how much the net worth is of one the most successful comedians today, then scroll down. Also, find out how tall Bo is exactly and his age.

Bo Burnham Net Worth

Bo Burnham is one of the largest all-around creators right now. Not only is he active in multiple forms of media, but he also flourishes in all his ventures. In fact, he dabbles in so many projects that you’d be surprised with some of them.

Bo Burnham net worth is $4 million. He has a lot of sources to earn money. Here are just a few of them:

The comedian originally posted his work on the video-sharing platform Youtube. He quickly gained a following for touching on controversial topics and a unique comedy style.

He would release his first full album titled Bo Burnham in 2009 and his second album, Words Words Words, in the following year. One of his notable accomplishments in his youth was being the youngest to have a half-hour comedy special on Comedy Central.

Bo’s first film, which he wrote and directed, is Eight Grade. The movie was released in 2018 and has received numerous accolades. Bo is also an excellent actor, such as in his role as Ryan Cooper in Promising Young Woman. The film went on to win an Oscar.

Bo Burnham with cast members of eighth grade film

Bo Burnham with cast members of eighth grade film

Bo’s latest work is his special, Bo Burnham: Inside, which focuses on the COVID-19 lockdown isolation experience. The special was nominated for six categories at the Emmy Awards and two in the Grammy Awards.

The hit tracks Bezos I, Welcome to the Internet, and All Eyes on Me have over 250 million streams on Spotify. It is also his first song to reach the Global 200 charts.

Bo Burnham earns a lot from all his various works.

How tall is Bo Burnham?

Bo Burnham is on the taller side of comedians and actors around. His height is around 6’5” and is definitely one of his major features.

In fact, Burnham regularly expresses his frustrations with leg space on airlines and constantly being asked if he plays basketball. But his height even landed him an opportunity to portray NBA legend Larry Bird in an HBO series.

Image of comedian, singer, and filmmaker, Bo Burnham

Comedian, singer, and filmmaker, Bo Burnham

Compared to other comedians, he towers over them. Conner O’ Malley is 5’7,” and Kevin Hart is famously 5’2”. At least Pete Davidson comes close to him at 6’3”.

How old is Bo Burnham?

Bo Burnham has been in the industry for quite some time now and is a veteran in his fields. He was born on the 21st of August, 1990, making him currently 31 years old.


Bo Burnham has come a long way from his time as a stand-up comedian to a full-fledged artist. He is one of the most special creators of his time, and he’s only 31.

Praised for his creative genius, Bo looks forward to his next projects.

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