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Where Does Braydon Price Live? Net Worth, Girlfriend, Age, House

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Facts about Braydon Price, Networth, Age, and Girlfriend

There are a bunch of stories on individuals who found a living by uploading youtube videos. Braydon Price is one of those who saw the joy of vlogging, which contributed to his success. Know his address and house through this article.

Being one of the most viewed YouTubers, let us find out who Braydon Price is. We will also look at how much he earns and who he is currently dating.

Who is Braydon Price?

Braydon Price is a famous Youtuber who uploads vlogs about his dirt bike adventures. His first youtube video is “The Dirt Bikes (what we will be riding),” which he published last August 18, 2014. His vlogs are chaotic, which is why his subscribers love his content.

He often travels in his vlogs and features his other hobbies like riding the ATV and fishing. Aside from dirt bikes, he also posts content about hunting and pranks.

Moreover, Braydon Price has about 1.49 Million subscribers on Youtube. He is also active on Instagram, where he posts most of his dirt bike and hunting photos. He has over 380k followers on the app.

Where Does Braydon Price Live?

Braydon resides in North Carolina at the moment. He has been living with his parents until a few months ago when he bought his own first house.

He has two separate house tours on his youtube video. And what people know from this is that he lives close to his parents’ house.

Image of a famous Youtuber, Braydon Price

A famous Youtuber, Braydon Price

Net Worth, House, Lifestyle

Substantially, Braydon Price’s net worth is estimated at 1.5 million dollars. He mainly gets his source of income from his youtube channel. Braydon uploads three videos at most every week. Moreover, Braydon’s videos get 300,000 to 500,000 views, which would make him earn 1700 dollars every day.

Aside from his youtube account, Braydon also sells his merchandise. He posts them on his official website He sells items from lanyards, bags, shirts, and hoodies. Furthermore, his merchandise ranges from $10 to $60.

As his subscriber count continues to go up, so does his income. Braydon is close to 2 million subscribers, which will increase his net worth estimate as time passes.

Because of his youtube success, Braydon was able to buy his own house. Last February 24, 2021, he posted an unfinished tour on his house, which he uploaded on his youtube channel. Braydon’s house has two garages, one that can fit two cars and one that can hold 3. In addition, his house also has an outdoor pool.

Braydon specified that his home is 1.5 acres wide. If you watch his house tour videos, you will see how wide the area coverage is. The house renovations finished around July or August, as Braydon posted an updated and complete house tour on August 18, 2021. Braydon calls his house the BP Headquarters or BP HQ.

Speaking of lifestyle, on Braydon’s youtube channel and Instagram page, it is clear that he is into an adventurous lifestyle. As seen on his youtube videos, he is a person who loves the outdoors and often goes out hunting. With his love for bikes, cars, and ATVs, Braydon’s house seems perfect for him.

Braydon Price Girlfriend and Dating Life

Braydon first officially introduced a girl named Maddie as his girlfriend in one of his videos. He posted a video entitled GIRLFRIEND finds INSANE stuff in WOODS. In the video, Maddie tags along with Braydon into the woods as they find interesting things like deer antlers and a lot more.

His girlfriend, Maddie, can be seen in a few of Braydon’s videos until last year; however, subscribers quickly pointed out how Maddie has been missing from his videos.

Braydon was featured in Kickin’ it with KG’s fifth podcast episode last June 27, 2021. In the podcast, Braydon was asked to answer some fan questions. During the podcast, Braydon’s friend asked him,

“Where’s Maddie.”

Braydon reacted to the question by saying,

Oh, we’re doing that, we’re doing that…”

Braydon Price and his girlfriend, Maddie

Braydon Price and his girlfriend, Maddie

Braydon later revealed that he and his former girlfriend, Maddie broke up because Maddie decided to go to college. According to Braydon, it did not work out between them. Moreover, Braydon made a controversial statement saying,

“She chose the party life, not the stay-at-home mom life.”

As of date, Braydon hasn’t posted anything about dating anyone.

How old is Braydon Price? Age

Braydon Price is currently 21 years of age, and he was born on the 24th of August 2000. He was born in North Carolina, USA.

The YouTuber does not really post much about his family, which is why information on them is scarce. However, Braydon posted a photo of him and his father holding a big fish. In the post, Braydon greeted his father a Happy Father’s day with the caption,

“Happy Father’s Day, everyone! If you want to see me and dad SMASH some MONSTER CARP, go check out the video! Just went LIVE.”

Braydon Price and his father on Instagram

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