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Who is Brian Regan Wife? Net Worth, Age

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Facts about Brian Regan Wife, Networth, Age

Brian Regan is a famous comedian. What separates the star from other comedians is his profanity during the acts. In all these years of his career, Brian has never used cruse or swearing words and kept his acts friendly for the audience of all ages. His acts are full of sarcasm, and he is excellent at making physical and facial comedies.

Brian uses everyday things as his comedy material and uses self-deprecating comments as hooks. The comedian is a dad and a divorced man.

In this article, we explore the details of Brian Regan’s wife, his net worth, age, and kids. Let’s dive in.

Who is Brian Regan?

Brian is a guy filled with humor which is why he paved his way as a comedian. He also ventured to other avenues like acting, scriptwriting, producing, all of which served him well. Brian is a genius at comedy and never uses dirty topics to make the audience laugh. It’s his simplicity and family-friendly shows that have made him so popular and loved by fans worldwide.

The comedian started his journey in the early 1980s. His first significant achievement was his appearance in the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson in 1991. In 1997, Brian released his debut comedy album titled ‘Brian Regan live.’

Throughout his amazing career, the comedian has appeared in popular shows like The Denni Miller Show and The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. He also starred in the Loudermilk series for three years until 2020.

Brian Regan Net Worth

As of 2022, Brian has a massive net worth of $7 million. According to celebritynetworth, the comedian is one of the most successful ones who started in the 80s. Brian has amassed this wealth thanks to his outstanding career as a comedian, actor, scriptwriter, and other producing works. He also does live shows.

However, he never performs them near his hometown as he thinks that it will affect his personal life and space.

Image of a famous comedian, Brian Regan

A famous comedian, Brian Regan

The comedian is fairly popular on Instagram, where he has 64.6k followers in 2022. Brian primarily promotes his shows and live appearances on the platform. Furthermore, he also posts short comedy videos to keep his audience entertained.

Brian Regan was married to his wife, Kathleen Regan, until their divorce in 2011. Kids

Brian Regan was married to Kathleen Patricia Bieszczat in 1997. The couple had good chemistry and led a smooth marital life until 2011. They also shared two children in their journey, first a son and then a daughter.

The couple divorced in 2011; however, much of the matter wasn’t exaggerated. Usually, when a celebrity divorces, the media covers it hugely. However, Brian and his former wife, Kathleen, said the agreement was smooth, and they didn’t have any problems settling the financial and other related aspects.

Many people assume that Brian experienced a slight depression following his divorce from his spouse, Kathleen. The comedian clearly loved his wife dearly. It is evident from the fact that Brian has never used his ex-wife or his separation stories as content for his comedy standups.

Normally, Brian has a reputation for joking about everyday things in life and making self-deprecating comments; however, the comedian seems sensitive in this case.

Bryan Regan with his ex-wife, Kathleen Regan

Bryan Regan with his ex-wife, Kathleen Regan

Brian has a son and a daughter. In 2012, he mentioned in an interview that he limits the children from watching his show for too long. Brian does not want to come out as a comic father in front of his kids. The reason he does not host shows in his hometown is that he likes to enjoy his personal space with his children.

Brian Regan and his older child Chris attended the Guest Grumps in 2019. There, the duo played Mario Kart 8. It was evident that the comedian shares a special bond with his children.

How old is Brian Regan? Age and DOB

Brian is a Libra by birth and his birthday falls on the 2nd of June. The comedian was born in 1958 in Miami. Furthermore, the comedian is an American citizen and currently lives in Florida.

As of 2022, Brian is 64 years of age.

Brian Regan wiki

Full Name Brian Joseph Regan
Date of Birth June 2, 1958
Profession Comedian (Actor, Scriptwriter, Producer)
Age (2022) 64 years
Place of Birth Miami, Florida, US
Birth Sign Libra
Ethnicity White
Relationship Status Divorced
Spouse name Kathleen R.
Children Two
Net Worth $7 million
Instagram followers 64.6k

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