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Busta Rhymes Wife, Children, Net Worth, Height

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Busta Rhymes Wife, Children, Net Worth, Height

With a unique rapping style and catchy name, Busta Rhymes remains one of the biggest rappers in the world. Moreover, fans want to know if he is married and has kids. Aside from that, they’re interested in his net worth and height too.

Scroll through this article to find out more.

Who is Busta Rhymes?

On May 20, 1972, American Rapper Busta Rhymes was born as Trevor George Smith Jr. However, some sources wrote down his real name as Trevor Taheim Smith Jr. Either name is applicable. He grew up in New York City, although he is of Jamaican roots.

Busta Rhymes Net Worth

The famous rapper has released great music, which helped him gain a fortune. Before graduating high school, Rhymes joined a hip-hop crew in 1990 called Leaders of the New School.

Moreover, during this time, Rhymes gained his rapper name ‘Busta Rhymes’ after NFL Player George “Buster” Rhymes.

After his group split up in 1992, Rhymes went to have a solo career. He started with collaborations but eventually released solo tracks and albums. By 1997, he was one of the most successful rappers in the industry.

Besides making music, Rhymes also gained income from being an actor. His first acting role was in the 1993 film, Strapped. Aside from this, Rhymes is also a voice actor for shows and video games. A notable one is the Nickelodeon cartoon show, Rugrats.

As of 2022, Busta has a net worth of around $20 Million to $25 Million. However, Rhymes managed to reach a net worth of $65 Million at one point in his career.

Although unproven, rumors claim his net worth declined due to financial and legal issues during 2006 to 2008 and 2014.


Does Busta Rhymes have a wife?

Busta Rhymes is quite private about his personal life. However, he never got married to his wife. Moreover, his past relationships have been a little complicated. His relationship with Joanne Wood is the most infamous one.

Wood and Rhymes are high school sweethearts who’ve been dating for ten years. However, their relationship slowly shattered over the years.

Moreover, Busta’s former girlfriend, Wood admits to being a lesbian. This revelation even led to a custody battle over their children. Wood claimed that Rhymes was bitter over the fact she was a lesbian. It was a long struggle, but the rapper won the ruling.

Busta Rhymes with his Ex-girlfriend, Joanne Wood

Busta Rhymes with his Ex-girlfriend, Joanne Wood

Not much is known about Busta and Jill Miskelly’s relationship except that Miskelly made Rhymes take a paternity test. The test results revealed Rhymes as the father of their child, Mariah.

Moreover, Rhymes paid around $1200 monthly for child support before the results were revealed.

Lastly, Rhymes dated Rhonda Randall. Aside from having a daughter with him, there is no other information about this ex-girlfriend.

At present, the rapper is single and is not dating anyone.


Busta Rhymes has five children from three different mothers. However, it used to be six, but one of his kids was born prematurely and passed away. Busta Rhymes has a great father-and-child relationship with his kids. He adores and cares so much over them.

Moreover, the rapper treats his children like royalty, giving them nicknames like King and Queen.

Firstly, his three boys, whom he shares with his ex-partner, Joanne Wood. The eldest is T’ziah Wood-Smith. He was born in 1993 and is a professional basketball player for the Quinnipiac Bobcats.

His second son, T’Khi Wood-Smith, was born in 1999 and aims to be an NFL player. Lastly, Rhymes’ third son and the youngest of all his children is Trillian Wood-Smith. He is most likely to become a musician.

Busta Rymes and his Son, T'ziah Wood Smith

Busta Rymes and his Son, T’ziah Wood Smith

Both Busta Rhymes’ daughters were born in 1998. Mariah Elizabeth Miskelly is his daughter with Jill Miskelly. There is not much information about her. However, his second daughter, Cacie Smith, is an Instagram model.

Busta’s children attended college. The eldest four had already graduated, and his youngest, still in college.

Busta Rhymes with his daughter, Cacie Smith

Busta Rhymes with his daughter, Cacie Smith

 How tall is Busta Rhymes?

Busta Rhymes is around 1.85m, 6 feet, and 1 inch tall. Compared to other rappers, Rhymes is pretty tall. With the likes of Jay Z, who is 1.88m, the two are eye to eye. However, with rappers like Drake and Eminem, who are 6 feet and 5’8″ respectively, he is a few inches taller.

Weight Loss

Busta Rhymes decided to lose some pounds to have a healthier lifestyle. Busta went through some tough times, like losing his friend and his father. As a result, he struggled with mental and physical health.

Moreover, he underwent surgery for polyps. After the surgery, he saw a sign for him to lose weight and DMed Dexter Jackson, a professional bodybuilder.

Busta Rhymes looses weight

Legend Rapper, Busta Rhymes

He moved to Jacksonville and committed to a 30-day program to achieve his goal. Moreover, his diet also changed. Busta’s determination showed results, losing 100 lbs and is now 254 pounds.

 Quick Facts

Name Busta Rhymes
Full Name Trevor George Smith Jr
Date of Birth May 20, 1972
Age (2022) 49 years old
Place of Birth New York City, United States
Profession Rapper, Record Producer, Composer, Actor, Voice Actor
Relationship Status Single
Spouse None
Children Five (T’Khi Wood-Smith, T’ziah Wood-Smith, Trillian Wood-Smith, Mariah Elizabeth Miskelly, and Cacie Smith)
Net Worth $20 Million – $25 Million

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