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Butterbean (Boxer) Net Worth, Wife, Libby Gaskin, and Kids

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Facts about Butterbean Boxer Net Worth, Libby Gaskin, and Kids

Even though Butterbean diverted towards mixed martial arts and MMA in the later stages of his career, he will always be known as the legendary boxer that he is.

Eric Esch, popularly known as Butterbean, is a world-famous boxing star who has previously won the WWA heavyweight championship, IBA Super heavyweight championship and has a record of 97-24-5 throughout his professional boxing career.

The boxer started his career in 1994, and the rest is history. In addition to boxing, he is also a TV personality in the present day as he occasionally features in many shows and events.

In this article, we talk about the retired Boxing champion, Butterbean. Furthermore, this piece will also provide insights on his kids and wife, Libby Gaskin.

Butterbean, aka Eric Esch, is married to his wife, Libby Gaskin. Kids

Butterbean has been married to his wife Libby Gaskin for a long time now. He also shares three children with his wife, Libby. Even though the background and other details of Libby aren’t public yet, we have dug up some pictures of their wedding. His wife, Libby, is a beautiful white girl and shares an identical body shape to the heavyweight boxer, Butterbean.

It is clear how much Eric loves his wife, Libby, from his social media postings. Even after sharing three adorable kids and years of being together, Eric keeps alive the intimacy by appreciating his wife publicly.

In this post on Eric’s Instagram handle, he shares a picture with his wife when they were young. Libby Gaskin looks amazing in a black one-piece and a pearl necklace. Eric also shares pictures and videos of his other family members on his wall.

Butterbean Eric Esch with his wife, Libby

Butterbean and his wife, Libby Gaskin looking young

After some research, we found an Instagram profile that may belong to Butterbean’s wife, Libby Gaskin. The account is private and has just 256 followers, so we couldn’t verify the authenticity.

Eric and Libby share three children to date. Two of his kids, Brandon, and Caleb are training to be professional fighters like their dad. Clearly, fighting spirit runs in the family, so you wouldn’t want to mess with them. Their only daughter, Grace, lives a normal life with the family in Atlanta, Georgia.

Net Worth

As of 2022, Butterbean has a net worth of $600k. He also might have other assets out of public radar. The family owns and runs a Barbeque restaurant in Alabama named Bean’s BBQ.

Bean’s BBQ was established in 2018 and is currently running smoothly in 2022, which has helped uplift his net worth. The retired boxer previously owned another restaurant, but he had to give it up due to his traveling nature.

Image of the legendary boxer, Eric Butterbean

The legendary boxer, Eric Butterbean

Butterbean has 18.1k followers on his official Instagram handle.

Full Name Eric Esch
Date of Birth Aug 3, 1966
Profession Retired Boxer
Age (2022) 56 years
Place of Birth Atlanta
Ethnicity White
Height 5’11”
Weight 378 lb.
Relationship Status Married
Spouse name Libby Gaskin
Children Three (Brandon, Caleb, and Grace)
Net Worth $600k
Instagram followers 18.1k

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