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Is Calum Scott Married to wife? Net Worth, Siblings

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Facts about Calum Scott Networth Siblings

The “Golden Boy” of Britain’s Got Talent also has a golden heart as he shows his love and support for his family and fans. With his good looks and talent, people cannot help but be curious if Calum Scott is in a relationship or married.

Are you curious too? Keep reading this article to get to know our Golden Boy Calum Scott’s wife and married life if it exists. Also, know his net worth and siblings in this biography.

Who is Calum Scott?

 Calum Scott graced Britain’s Got Talent’s Week 1 audition. With his stellar performance and rendition of Dancing on My Own, he earned Simon Cowell’s Golden Buzzer. After his BGT exposure, the former recruitment officer hit an all-time high. But just like all artists, Calum has humble beginnings.

Before becoming a singer, he was a drummer. And that changed when his sister persuaded him to start singing. According to Calum, his sister secretly signed him up for a Star Search competition in which he also won.

Calum Scott kissing his sister, Jade Scott

Calum Scott and his sister, Jade Scott

A year later, Calum and Jane, his sister, auditioned individually for the hit talent show Britain’s Got Talent. From the two, only Calum succeeded and headed straight to the semi-finals. Calum Scott did not win the competition; however, he did win the hearts of many fans.

Is Calum Scott Gay?

People have been talking about the singing sensation’s sexuality. Much to everyone’s delight, the singer came out publicly as openly gay.

Calum Scott’s coming-out story is not all rainbows, for it came with a few sacrifices. Calum first came out as gay when he was 15 years old. His friends and family were accepting; however, he lost some of his dear friends. According to Scott, he was hurt and bewildered. Because of the experience, Scott was afraid to come out in public; he feared that people would abandon him once he told them the truth.

Moreover, the talented entertainer released a single called No Matter What. The song was about the ups and downs of his journey on coming out. Calum Scott performed the song in front of an audience, and people instantly related to the song.

Scott said in an interview,

“[I] played it in America to thousands and thousands of people and to just see rows and rows of people crying, hugging their parents, on their own screaming and just really relating to the song, it was so magical.”

Who is Calum Scott Wife?

Calum Scott is not dating anyone as of 2022, or at least not publicly known. Calum has dated both men and women. According to Scott, he once had a girlfriend, but they both broke up after their relationship turned bitter, ultimately leading him to call it quits between them.

Image of the “Golden Boy” of Britain’s Got Talent, Calum Scott

The “Golden Boy” of Britain’s Got Talent, Calum Scott

Net Worth

With his success and fans from around the globe, the singer can earn a million within a year. As of early 2022, Calum Scott’s net worth estimate is approximately $6.86 million.

Calum’s income source is selling his music and his youtube account as well. According to youtube’s standards, a video needs 500,000 views to get $1,000 from AdSense.

As of date, Calum Scott has approximately 5.72 Million subscribers on his Youtube channel. Furthermore, his most viewed youtube video is his You Are The Reason official video.

33 years old singer also holds concerts; his concert tickets, on average, are $97 per ticket. In September 2021, Calum performed on stage again, and over 60,000 fans attended his first major concert ever since lockdown happened.

With his combined income source of music releases and youtube videos, Calum’s net worth will continue to increase as years go by.

Brother and Sisters

Calum Scott only has one sibling, Jade Scott. Much like Calum, Jade is also a talented singer. She is the one who persuaded Scott to sing.

As mentioned, she auditioned along with her brother, Calum Scott, in the 9th season of Britain’s Got Talent. Jane performed two songs during her audition, but none was enough to get her to the next round.

Up until now, Jade is still writing and performing her own songs. After BGT, Jane released a song with the title Dynamite.

Jade and Calum have a close sibling relationship, and they can be seen bonding with each other and showing support to each other on Instagram.

Moreover, Jade Scott posted a photo of her and Calum on her IG account. In the caption, Jade wrote, “Hanging out with this Legend @calumscott at 5 pm on TikTok Live! 🥰 #famtime #seeyouallthere” (

Calum Scott and his Sister Jade on Instagram

Calum Scott is indeed brave for opening his true self to the public. His worries shall melt away once he knows that his fans and family will support him “no matter what.”

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