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Home » CJ SO COOL Net Worth, Age, Height, House, Wife, and Kids

CJ SO COOL Net Worth, Age, Height, House, Wife, and Kids

CJ SO COOL Net Worth, Age, Height, House, Wife, and Kids

With how popular CJ So Cool’s YouTube channel has become, you can’t help but wonder about his net worth. Read this article to find out about it, along with the Youtuber’s family, lifestyle, age, and even height!


As of present, Cordero James Darby, better known as CJ So Cool, is currently 32 years old. He was born in Gary, Indiana, on March 29, 1989.

CJ SO COOL Net Worth

The dazzling rapper CJ has enjoyed making videos since 2014 and posted them on YouTube, eventually gaining views. Now he has 7.8 million followers on his YouTube channel, CJ So Cool, and his Instagram! From posting videos and photos of his daily life to creating music, CJ So Cool does it all.

The dazzling rapper and Youtuber, Cj So Cool

The dazzling rapper and Youtuber, Cj So Cool

Thus, the rapper and YouTuber’s popularity has raised his net worth to an estimated $4 million as of 2022. Undoubtedly, his income comes from being a YouTuber. Fans check out his videos because of his fun pranks and, most importantly, family-friendly vibes.

However, CJ did get himself into a few scandals even at the peak of his fame. Even with all the issues, CJ proved himself to be a better person, and thus fans remain and support him.

Aside from making videos, he also sells merchandise for his channel and gains income from it. CJ is also fond of making music. As a matter of fact, he’s established himself as a rapper and earns income from his songs as well.

House & Cars

It wouldn’t be surprising to see Cordero owning a few luxury cars and homes with such a high net worth. In fact, the rapper owns a modern designed 4-acre mansion in Las Vegas. Aside from that, he also owns two guest houses.

Although CJ’s houses are excellent, he loves his cars more. As of the present, he currently owns nine luxury cars. He also recently got a Lamborghini Urus.

Image of CJ SO COOL house and car

CJ SO COOL Manson and car


There’s no denying that CJ So Cool can afford the Diamond Life. He never fails to show off his money, from his outfits to his jewelry. Moreover, his display is to show how far he has come.

As much as he loves spending luxury items for himself, he also gives back to his family and fans. Moreover, he loves giving stuff to his kids. He even takes videos of such acts as a form of commemoration.

 How tall is CJ SO COOL?

The young father is around 5 feet and 11 inches and is close to 6 feet tall. Moreover, compared to other YouTube stars, like Jake Paul, he is pretty tall. However, he’s around the middle in height when it comes to well-known rappers.

Did CJ SO COOL divorce his Wife?

CJ is one quite talked about in the social media world regarding relationships. One of the girls he has dated hasn’t been mentioned in any articles in the past.

Moreover, the woman is said to be the mother of one of his daughters. However, that is all the information we have on a said ex-girlfriend.

Second is another mystery girl who is Instagram famous. Her real name is Tata Jimenez, but she’s more known as Iiiamtaata. She came to the picture after rumors of CJ’s split up with his wife appeared.

Moreover, the rumored ‘girlfriend’ is a hairstylist. However, the news was never confirmed.

CJ So Cool rumored girlfriend Iiiamtaata on instagram live

CJ So Cool rumored girlfriend, Iiiamtaata

Lastly and the most famous among the people CJ So Cool has dated is none other than his wife, Charlene Young. ‘Royalty,’ as she prefers to be called, has quite a following on her Instagram account.

The two have been dating for a long time now and even married later. They feature each other on videos and posts as well. However, their relationship came to a temporary halt when rumors of CJ cheating on her appeared back in May 2021. Royalty shared a video of taking the kids and moving out of their house.

Furthermore, Royalty mentions the YouTuber’s cheating habits and their toxic relationship. In response to the split-up rumors, CJ posted a video admitting to having a tendency to cheat because of his upbringing.

However, he proved to her that he had changed and got back together with Royalty a couple of months later. Now the couple is happily together and showing off their relationship.

Cj So Cool smiling with his wife, Royalty

Cj So Cool smiling with his wife, Royalty


The playful YouTuber has three children of his blood. Firstly Camari, his daughter from a previous relationship; and second, his twins, Cordayah and Cordero Jr, with Royalty. Lastly, his step kids, Karnation, Leonidas, and J’aaliyah, who he treats as his own children. The three kids are Royalty’s kids from a past relationship.

Cj So Cool with his five children

Cj So Cool looks happy with his children

 Quick Facts

Name CJ So Cool
Full Name Cordero James Brady
Birthdate March 29, 1989
Age (2022) 32 years old
Place of Birth Gary, Indiana
Profession Rapper, YouTuber
Relationship Status Married
Spouse Charlene ‘Royalty’ Johnson
Children 3 (Camari, Cordayah and Cordero Jr.)
Height 1.81m (6’0″)
Net Worth $4 Million

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