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Claudia Haro Age, Now. What is Joe Pesci’s Ex-Wife Doing Now?

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Joe Pesci ex-wife, Claudia Haro Age, Bio

Claudia Haro appeared in blockbusters such as Casino, Gone Fishin’, and Jimmy Hollywood. But ultimately, she ended her own career. Resentment would cause her to commit a heinous crime that she partook in. The veteran actress was once married to Joe Pesci. So, What is Claudia doing now?

In this article, read about Claudia Haro and the details on the former American actress’s life after Pesci & Warren.

Claudio Haro Gained her Fame as Joe Pesci’s Wife

Claudia married twice, first to Joe Pesci from 1988 to 1992 & then to Garrett Warren from 1998 to 2000.

Joe Pesci ventured into music in the 60s and recorded his first album in 1968, which was unsuccessful. He’d take on a series of supporting acts and meet his future wife at an Easter Brunch in 1987. Joe married for the third time to her ex-wife, Claudia, a year after dating but would divorce after three years of marriage.

The actress would find love again with stuntman Garrett Warren, who she’d marry in 1998. Warren’s career was taking off, and his busy schedule strained their marriage, and the couple divorced in 1999.

Claudia Haro and her ex-husband, Joe Pesci

Claudia Haro and her ex-husband, Joe Pesci

Who is Claudia Haro?

Claudia Martha Haro was born in the United States in 1967. She began an acting career as her husband was also a rising actor when they met. Claudia and Joe Pesci divorced in 1992, but she still acted beside her ex-husband throughout the 90s.

She then met Garrett Warren, and the couple married in 1998, but the relationship would be a disaster. Garrett divorced her only after a year of marriage and took joint custody of her only daughter, infuriating Haro.

Claudia Haro, ex-wife of Joe Pesci

Claudia Haro, Ex-wife of Joe Pesci

An attempt on Garrett’s life was made in 2000, and he was shot four times in the chest and right eye. A series of investigations followed and would lead to the implication of Claudia two years later. The court sentenced the assassin to 77 years in prison for his actions. Claudia had manipulated her brother to find an assassin and Joe Pesci to finance the attempt.

The Los Angeles court sentenced her to 12 years and four months in prison in 2012 at the California Institute for Women.

Tiffany Pesci (Joe Pesci’s Daughter) Age, Biography.

Claudia’s marriages were total failures, but her first marriage produced a daughter, Tiffany Pesci. Tiffany prefers to keep silent due to her mother’s atrocities, and many have been guilty by association.


Claudia’s daughter, Tiffany, was born in 1992, and the exact month and day are unknown. But, Tiffany’s around 30 as of 2022. Understandably, she prefers not to be in the spotlight, considering her mother’s crime.

Quick Facts

Full Name Claudia Martha Haro
DOB 1967
Profession Former actress/model; incarcerated (2007)
Age (2022) 55
Place of Birth United States of America
Relationship Status Single
Spouse/Partner None
Children One – Tiffany Pesci
Net worth (early 2022) $12 million

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