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How tall is Cody Ko? Age, Last Name, House, Tattoos

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Cody Ko Height, Age, Last Name, House, tattoos

Cody Ko is a computer-scientist turned comedy Youtuber famous for his commentaries on other YouTubers and social media personalities. Moreover, he has a large following on social media and impressive net worth.

Keep reading to find out how tall Cody Ko is, his age, last name, house, and tattoos.

Cody Ko Last Name

Not many can pronounce Cody’s last name, which is Kołodziejczyk— it’s a Polish surname that refers to the occupation of a kołodziej, meaning a wheelwright. His parents, Greg and Helen, were entrepreneurs and brought Cody up in Canada.


The Youtuber comedian was born on the 22nd of November, 1990— making him 31 years old. Moreover, he began making videos as early as 2013.

Where does Cody Ko Live?

Cody is from Canada, specifically the city of Calgary in Alberta, which is the third most populated city in Canada. Additionally, he finished his secondary education at Springbank Community HighSchool. Now, he lives in his mansion in Venice, California, with his fiance.

Cody Ko with his fiance,

Cody Ko with his fiance, Kelsey Kreppel

Cody Ko Height

Some sources claim that the popular Youtuber’s height is 5’6,” but Cody revealed that he is actually 5’8”. Comparatively, his second half of the Tiny Meat Gang, Noel Miller, is an inch taller, 5’9”. Jimmy Tatro, a fellow co-actor of The Real Bros of Simi Valley, is the same height as Cody.

The former computer scientist once critiqued Youtuber Jake Paul, who is much taller at an even 6 feet.

Comedy Youtuber, Cody Ko body measurement

Comedy Youtuber, Cody Ko height is 5’6,”


After graduating from high school in Canada, Cody Ko continued his education at the prestigious Duke University, where he studied computer science. He placed his learnings into practice by creating “I’d Cap That,” an application for the iPhone that more than four million people downloaded in the span of a few months.

Indeed, Cody had a knack for app development and worked in Fullscreen, a subsidiary of AT&T, an IOS developer.

Cody started getting recognition for the comedy skits he posted on the video-sharing platform Vine. Then, he made Youtube videos which usually showed his reactions and thoughts on other social media personalities.

Furthermore, he ventured into music and rap, forming the duo “Tiny Meat Gang” or TMG with another Youtuber, Noel Miller. The combo released hit singles such as “Cuddle Bug” and “Sadboi Watermelon.”

TMG dabbled in podcasts and was awarded the best podcast of 2019 by the Shorty Awards. Additionally, he joined the television series, The Real Bros of Simi Valley in 2017, which included the likes of comedian Jimmy Tatro.

Cody Ko Net Worth

As a tech-comedian based in California, he undoubtedly made a lot of money from his app and working at Fullscreen. But his Youtube channels contribute significantly as well.

Indeed, conservative estimates place Cody’s annual earnings from Youtube at $1.7 million from his nearly 6 million subscribers. Thus, this puts his net worth, combined with other assets, at $6 million.

House and Cars

Cody owns a beautiful mansion in Venice, California, which he purchased for nearly $4 million in 2005. Moreover, the mansion is 3,911 square feet with three bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms; it features floor-to-ceiling windows and beautiful wood accents with a fire pit outdoors.

Cody Ko Houses

Some of Cody’s automobiles that he has revealed online include a Mazda 3, which he enjoys driving, and more recently, a Range Rover Sport.


The Youtuber has a couple of tattoos on his body. Firstly, his first two tattoos are a ship steering wheel and a skull on both of his thighs. Secondly, he had an additional two inked on the same day in a video of a skull smoking a cigarette, and a rose along his lower leg.

Cody Ko’s most recent jobs include an image of a girl wearing a hat and a scarf and another one of a Totenkopf or a Death’s Head.

Hair Style

Cody usually has medium-length hair with short sides, which he combs over to the right. Additionally, his hair is brown and wavy. However, he has tried growing out his hair to shoulder-length over the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown.

Quick Facts

Full Name Cody Michael Kolodziejzyk
Date of Birth November 22, 1990
Profession Youtuber
Age (2022) 31
Place of Birth Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Relationship Status Engaged
Spouse Kelsey Kreppel
Net Worth $6 million

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