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D.L. Hughley Net Worth, Age, Tattoos, Wife LaDonna Hughley, and Kids

Facts about D.L. Hughley Net Worth, Age, Tattoos, Wife LaDonna Hughley, and Kids

Darryl Lynn Hughley, professionally known as D.L. Hughley, is a comedian, actor, political commentator, and radio host. On March 6, 1963, D.L. was born in Portsmouth, Virginia. After a few months, his family moved to Los Angeles, California.

Continue reading to know D.L. Hugley’s net worth, tattoos, and details about his wife LaDonna Hugley and their kids.

Who is D.L. Hughley?

During his teenage years in South Central Los Angeles, he became a member of the Bloods; it is a well-known African-American street gang. D.L. was expelled from San Pedro High School due to his street gang activities. He left his street gang life after his fellow members killed one of his cousins, which was belonged to a rival gang, then he continued his education to earn a GED Degree.

In the 1990s, he started his career in the entertainment industry, and he became well-known as the original host of BET’s “ComicView.” At the age of 22 years old, D.L is married to La Donna Hughley, and they have three children.

D.L. Hughley has been married to LaDonna Hughley since 1986

D.L Hughley was in the beginning and struggling phase of his success in the entertainment industry when he met his wife,  LaDonna Murphy. On May 2, 1962, Ladonna Yvonne Murphy was born in California.

Her nationality is American, and she is African-American by ethnicity. D.L Hughley’s wife, LaDonna worked for a company as a sales representative when D.L met her.

On February 22, 1986, D.L. and LaDonna married and have three children.

Ladonna Hughley with her husband D.L Haughley

Ladonna Hughley with her husband, D.L Haughley

After LaDonna became Mrs. Hughley, her reputation started to increase, and she started her career as an actress, but she is not active in contributing in the acting field.

The married couple considers each other as lucky charms in their career and family. Also, people are considering LaDonna as the woman behind D.L.’s great success.

LaDonna Hughley is a forgiving wife.

During their 35 years of marriage, the married couple experienced minor and major difficulties in marriage, such as being unfaithful. During the interview on Oprah: Where Are They Now, D.L. opened up about infidelity.

He revealed in the interview that he had an affair with a young woman, and he made her pregnant.

Unfortunately, D.L.’s son in his affair was mu*dered by his mistress’ boyfriend by shaking him until the brain got damaged. D.H. Hughley’s wife, LaDonna Hughley, didn’t know the baby’s existence until the affair contacted her without telling D.L. and asked for help

When she learned about the issue, she didn’t think twice to help her financially for many years, using her husband’s allowance.

When D.L. became aware of his wife’s actions, his admiration for her became strong because she was devoted to him no matter how worst their situation was.

D.L. Hughley Net Worth

For three decades, D.L. has accumulated a net worth of up to $10 million. He only focuses on his career in the entertainment industry. He is producing and hosting his own comedy T.V. show. He also works as a radio personality and has an acting career.

With the help of his hilarious humor, most of his projects turn into successes. His wife and children’s support helps him achieve more in his career.


The total of D.L.’s tattoos is still unknown. Some of his tattoos are visible, located on his neck and both hands. D.L. Hughley appeared on a T.V. game show, To Tell The Truth, with Lil Rel Howery and Joel McHale as a celebrity panel which they tried to guess which is fact and fiction.

During the flow of D.L.’s appearance on the show, viewers became curious about his tattoos and started questioning him.

According to D.L., the tattoo “darkness” on his hand is a final tribute to Charlie Murphy’s death. He and George Lopez got a matching tattoo because “darkness” was Charlie’s nickname.

D.L Hughley showing his tattoos

D.L Hughley Tattoos

Also, D.L. shared a tweet by telling everyone his form of therapy was on a tattoo chair. It seems that he has a lot of tattoos because he has an emotional connection with the inkings.


March 6, 1963, when D.L. Hughley was born in Portsmouth, Virginia. Then, after a few months, his family moved, and he grew up in Los Angeles, California. As of 2021, D.L. is 58 years old. He has been living in his career in the entertainment industry for three decades.

D.L. Hughley Children

He had a total of four children. D.L. and LaDonna have three children in their 35 years of marriage. One of his children is from his affair. The gender is a boy, then the rest of its identity is still unknown.

Tragically, the child already passed away at the age of 9 months. His mother’s boyfriend murdered him by shaking it tremendously.
He had three children in his marriage. The married couple is very supportive of their children.

1. Tyler Whitney Hughley

Tyler Whitney Hughley is the youngest child of D.L. and his wife, LaDonna Hughley. On April 24, 1991, she was born in Los Angeles, California. As for 2022, she is 30 years old. She belongs to the LGBT community. Tyler is currently dating Alex Phillips since 2017. She achieved a lot when it comes to her educational background.

After graduating from High school, she attended Full Sail University, which is known for teaching all kinds of courses related to creativeness. When she moved to San Francisco, she enrolled at the Academy of Art University.

Tyler is a music producer. She is professionally known as DJ Lucci. Tyler had uploaded dozens of her singles on her

sound cloud account. Mainly, she only releases her epics piece.

D.L Hughley looking happy with his wife and kids

D.L Hughley, along with his wife, LaDonna Hughley, and kids

2. Kyle Hughley

Kyle Aaris Hughley is the second child of D.L and LaDonna Hughley. He was born on December 6, 1988. When he was a child, he was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome.

He and his family’s struggles about his situation became why his mother, LaDonna, is willing to support children diagnosed with autism. He turned 33 years old in the year 2022. Like his parents, he is an actor, but he primarily focuses on being an athlete.

He doesn’t reveal much information about personal matters, especially his love life. He often disregards all the questions regarding being married or having a relationship.

3. Ryan Nicole Hughley

Ryan Nicole Hughley is the eldest child of the Hughley Family. She was born on February 9, 1987; as of 2022, she is 34 years of age. Ryan is an American writer, blogger, and food journalist. She also runs a website, Brown Sugar & Bourbon.

Ryan Nicole Hughley, daughter of D.L Hughley

Ryan Nicole Hughley, daughter of D.L Hughley

D.H. and wife LaDonna’s eldest son Ryan enrolled in Bachelor’s in Religion and Literature at Smith College. Then, she took her master’s
degree at the University of Southern California. She attended graduation parties to celebrate her master’s degree, and he met Alejandro Shepard.

They dated in an old-fashioned way, and they also experienced long-distance relationships. In September 2018, the couple got married.

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