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Darius McCrary Net Worth. Spouse Tammy Brawner and Juliette Vann

Facts about Darius McCrary Spouses and Networth

Darius McCrary graced the late 80’s and early 90’s as he portrayed the character of Eddie Winslow in the hit American sitcom Family Matters. After his amazing performance as Eddie, Darius went to even greater heights. However, the actor also went through a few challenges in his life.

Scroll through this article if you want to get a detailed scoop about Darius McCrary’s net worth and his ex-spouses, Tammy Brawner and Juliette Van.

Darius McCrary net worth

Darius McCrary is one of America’s gems in the entertainment world. He began acting when he was a child and rose to prominence for his participation in the show Family Matters. Aside from acting, Darius is also a singer and a rapper.

With his success, people would presume that Darius McCrary is worth millions today. However, being a millionaire might not be the case for the veteran actor. Different sources claim that Darius McCrary’s net worth estimate as of today is only $100,000.

People might question it, considering that he has been acting since the late ’80s to the early ’90s. This is because Darius went through a financial crisis that affected his living and income.

Darius failed to get custody of his daughter, Zoey, back in 2018 or 2019. Moreover, to settle his and his ex-wife’s divorce dispute, Darius must pay $1,366 monthly for child support.

Moreover, Darius even told the court that he would make only $500 through his acting gigs. Because of this, the court lowered his obligation to $29. From $1,366 per month, he only has to pay $29 per month now for his daughter’s child support.

Darius McCrary having fun with his daughter, Zoey

Darius McCrary having fun with his daughter, Zoey

Before this, Darius was arrested back in 2015 after he failed to pay child support again. According to reports, a judge ordered Darius’ arrest and sent him to prison.

Moreover, the actor chose to pay $5,500 rather than spend more than a week in jail. Because of what happened, Darius tweeted about his experience. In the tweet, Darius said,

“All I’m trying to do is raise my son.”

Furthermore, the actor is back on track with his recent TV and movie portrayals. He might have experienced being financially lost because of what happened, but the actor continues to strive even harder.

Darius McCrary Spouse.

Darius McCrary got married three times, but all of his three marriages failed. Moreover, Darius’ failed marriages ended bitterly as his ex-wives threw nasty accusations toward him.

Furthermore, Darius’s ex-spouses were Juliette Vann, Tammy Brawner, and Karrine Steffans. Let’s learn more about each of them.

Darius McCrary’s first wife, Juliette Vann

Juliette Vann was Darius’ first wife. They got married in 2005. Their marriage lasted for many months until it turned sour. The couple then divorced in 2016.

According to reports, Juliette Van was a Las Vegas showgirl. However, there are no available details about her.

Darius McCrary’s second wife

Darius’ second wife was Karrine Steffans. The couple got married in 2009. Moreover, Karrine is an actress and the author of the book Vixen. However, the couple broke things off in 2011.

To make matters worse, Karrine filed a case against Darius. The author accused Darius of physically abusing her twice.

According to Karrine, Darius beat her with a belt and choked her. Moreover, Darius allegedly pushed her with force inside a car outside of a hotel.

She even accused the actor of physically abusing their son as well. However, the author withdrew her statement and admitted that her accusations were false.

Darius McCrary with his second ex-wife, Karrine Steffans

Darius McCrary with his second ex-wife, Karrine Steffans

It turned out that Karrine was working together with the mother of Darius’ child to extort child support from the actor. The author cleared Darius’s name by filing documents to help Darius’s case.

Even though she retracted her claims about the child abuse she accused Darius, Karrine still stood her ground on her claim that the actor physically abused her.

Third wife, Tammy Brawner

Darius’ third and last wife was the athlete Tammy Brawner. Tammy Brawner was a basketball player for the Harlem Globetrotter. She and Darius got married back in 2014.

However, after 2 years of being wife and husband, Tammy and Darius divorced in 2017. The couple threw accusations at each other like physical abuse, and both filed a restraining order against one another.

Darius McCrary third ex-wife, Tammy Brawner

Darius McCrary and his third ex-wife, Tammy Brawner

Tammy Brawner won custody of their daughter named Zoey. And Darius needed to pay for child support and was not allowed an unsupervised visit to his daughter.

Furthermore, Darius’s lawyers criticized Tammy Brawner, saying she was just trying to extort money from Darius.


Darius McCrary remains one of Hollywood’s top actors regardless of what happened. He might have fallen countless times, but this actor is slowly gaining back his momentum and status in the acting industry with his recent comeback in acting. Only time will tell what Darius will make out of his second shot at fame.

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