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De’Arra Taylor Age, Dad, Height, Wiki

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De'Arra Taylor Age, Dad, Height, Wiki

Youtube star De’Arra Taylor is one of the most successful content creators to date. De’arra has a massive following on all her social platforms. Moreover, subscribers fell in love with her because of her humor and energy.

Because of her success, people are curious about the young vlogger’s life and biography. Read more here to know about De’Arra Taylor’s age, dad, height, and more.

De’Arra Taylor Wiki

De’Arra Taylor is a top Youtube content creator with over 876,000 subscribers. Moreover, she was born in Tennessee.

Before creating her separate youtube channel, De’Arra used to have a channel together with her partner Ken Walker. Ken and De’Arra started their Youtube Channel in 2014 and now has about 6.1 million subscribers.

Their content is mostly a couple of challenges, pranks, and skits. They also post life events like their empty house tour. Furthermore, their first Youtube upload has over 1 million views and 36k likes.

Their videos gain millions of views, making them one of the most successful couples on Youtube. They are also one of the most viewed and subscribed content creators in the video-sharing platform.

De'arra Taylor with her boyfriend, Ken

De’arra Taylor with her boyfriend, Ken Walker

In addition, they also have another separate Youtube Channel Vlogs By DK4L with over 3.14 million subscribers. However, the couple announced that they would start separate Youtube channels through a video upload on their vlogging channel.

The video was uploaded last August 21, 2021. Moreover, Ken and De’Arra showed a montage of their moments together with people explaining their plans.

De’Arra’s contents on her channel are more on vlogging. She shares what she mostly does to her subscribers and supporters in her life. Her first Youtube video, My NEW House Tour, was uploaded last September 19, 2021. The video has over 2 million views.


De’Arra was born on the 17th of April, 1996, which makes her 25 years old at the moment.

De’Arra Taylor Dad

Information on De’Arra Taylor’s father is unavailable. However, the youtube star is claiming to be one of Yo Gotti’s daughters. De’Arra tweeted on her personal account, claiming that the rapper was her father.

Dearra Taylor claiming she is daughter of Yo-Gotti

De’ Arra Taylor claiming that she is the daughter of Yo-Gotti

De’Arra posted the tweet last October 24, 2016, saying, “Yes, Yo Gotti is my biological dad…”. Many users replied to her tweet, and some believed, while some were not convinced. However, rapper Yo Gotti did not give his comment on the rumors.

Dearra Taylor Twitted About Yo Gotti

De’Arra Taylor’s father might not be in the picture. But it seems like De’Arra had a father figure in her life, her grandfather. Unfortunately, her grandfather passed away last August 21, 2021.

The vlogger posted about her grandfather, whom she calls grandaddy, on her youtube channel. In addition, De’Arra also posted a photo of her and her grandfather on Instagram with a heartbreaking caption.

Dearra Taylor shared her emotions towards dead of her Grandfather

De’Arra Taylor’s Height

There is no exact information on De’Arra Taylor’s height; however, she is around 4 foot 11. Her height compliments her body shape and weight, probably about 55 kilograms.


With 876k subscribers and counting, De’Arra is definitely shaking the YouTube world. Because of her quality videos and content, she will surely succeed even further in the industry.

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