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Des Bishop Net Worth, Age, Wife and Kids

Facts about Des Bishop Net Worth, Age, Wife and Kids

With his wits and humor, it is not hard for Des Bishop to rise to fame and find someone who will love him. Because of his success, supporters can’t help but be curious about his net worth and if Des has a wife and kids. It looks like the 46-year-old comedian has his life planned out.

Are you curious too? Keep on reading to find out.

Who is Des Bishop?

Des Bishop is a famous comedian who’s been performing since the 1990s. Des began his career by hosting at the International Comedy Cellar. Moreover, the actor appeared on Do not Feed the Gondolas in 2000. However, he had to leave the show for a matter of reasons. He, later on, worked on a hip-opera with Arthur Riordan. They called it RAP ÉIRE. Arthur and Des did the show twice.

Des Bishop started his TV show called The Des Bishop Work Experience. The show is about Des trying to live off a minimum wage occupation in Ireland.

Image of a famous comedian, Des Bishop

A famous comedian, Des Bishop


Having been born in November of 1975, Bishop is now in his 46th year of existence.

Net Worth

Being in the entertainment industry for almost two decades now, this Irish-American comedian has a net worth estimate of about $13 Million. His sources of income are his comedy shows and his acting career.

Who is Des Bishop’s Wife?

Des proposed and is engaged to Hannah Brenner last March 2021. Brenner posted an Instagram photo of her and Des while wearing her engagement ring. The caption goes,

“Thanks for the engagement shoot, mom! Love you @desbishop”.

Des Bishop Hannah Engagement post on instagram

In an interview with Us Weekly, Des stated that he and Hannah met even before the actress participated in “Summer House.” Their relationship developed as they would often FaceTime each other.

His wife, Hannah went over to explain how Des sent her a message first. And as time went by, Hannah always counted on Des whenever she felt down during the show. In his recent interview, Des Bishop expressed that he could no longer wait for Summer House to end so he could finally be with his loving partner, Hannah.

Des Bishop Kids

As of date, Des Bishop does not have any kids of his own. In an interview, Des said he wanted to have kids when he was 20. However, it didn’t happen. Des said that it is tiring to think about having kids his age now.

The comedian is still young and still has plenty of time to think about being a father. Seeing how Hannah loved him for his caring nature, it is without a doubt that he will be a great father to his future children.

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