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Don Frye Net Worth, Wife Mollie Frye and Kids

Actor Don Frye and his ex-wife, Molly fyre, networth, Kids

Don Frye is one of the best mixed martial arts fighters of his time. But one day, he suddenly disappeared from the fighting scene. Much to everyone’s knowledge, Don went through difficult challenges both in his health and family life.

Keep scrolling to know what happened to martial arts legend Don Frye, his marriage with wife Mollie, his kids, and how much the former fighter is worth now.

Who is Don Frye?

Don Frye has been in the mixed martial arts scene since 1965. He participated in 31 MMA fights and won twenty of them via knockout. Before becoming a professional fighter, Don Frye worked as an EMT and firefighter. However, Frye had to choose between his day job and his love for boxing.

Moreover, MMA also started acting and participated in a few films. He participated in Godzilla: Final Wars, Miami Vice, and No Rules. Furthermore, he also acted in Just Another Romantic Wrestling Comedy, The Ant Bully, Noah, and Public Enemies.

Image of famous martial arts fighter, Don Frye

A famous martial arts fighter, Don Frye

Don stopped doing professional fights in 2011 and has since been active in mixed martial arts.

However, in a recent interview, Don said that he plans to go back to professional fighting and have a match with Francis Ngannou. Some fans expressed their delight, while some fans would very much like for him to retire because of his age and health issues.

Don was in a medically induced coma in 2016. Don experienced a brain hemorrhage while in surgery. Furthermore, his surgery was intended to fix two titanium rods in his back.

Don Frye Net Worth

With his former day job, all his MMA wins and participation, as well as his acting career, Don Frye has a substantial net worth estimate of $2 Million. His current primary income source is unknown. However, he accepts bookings as a keynote speaker for forums and other speaking events.

Who is Don Frye’s Wife?

The former mixed martial artist, professional wrestler, and actor married entrepreneur, Mollie Frye. The couple tied the knot in 1996, but in 2016, they filed for a divorce and the two eventually split. Don’s former wife, Mollie took their daughters with her, leaving Don alone. Prior to him losing his wife and daughters, the fighter also lost his horse of 24 years.

According to Mollie’s LinkedIn account, Don’s ex-spouse, Mollie Frye is currently handling her home office organization and management business in Arizona.

Don Frye and his ex-wife, Molly Frye

Don Frye and his ex-wife, Molly Frye


Don Frye has two daughters with his ex-wife Mollie Frye. As of date, his daughters’ names and other details are unavailable. It seems like Don’s family chooses a life behind the spotlight.


Despite Don Frye’s challenges, he still proves to be a real fighter. Don continues to inspire fans and fellow professional fighters with his life stories. Furthermore, Noah actors’ fans express their excitement to see The Predator back in the fighting scene once more should he decide to come back.

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