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Erin Napier Health Issues. How is She Doing Now?

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Erin Napier Health Issues

Erin Napier is the right person to call when it comes to renovating and redesigning houses. The Home Town host is living her life with the successful TV show that she started with her husband, Ben Napier. However, her life wasn’t all full of positivity as she went through a major health crisis.

Keep scrolling through to know details on Erin Napier’s Health issues and how she is doing now.

Who is Erin Napier?

Erin Napier hosts the reality show Home Town. She and her husband, Ben Napier, both run the reality show together to show audiences their genius house renovation skills.

Health Issues Erin Napier

Erin Napier has dealt with a mysterious illness since she was 19 years old. The symptoms of her illness worsened after her marriage to Ben. Moreover, Erin explained how she would be having stomach pains for 24 hours accompanied by a fever. From 24 hours, the pain would then last for two to three days.

Furthermore, the symptoms would last for a week, not allowing Erin to move because of the pain. They had no clue what was causing her suffering. The couple went to see different doctors; however, Erin’s scans would come out clean and normal.

However, Erin’s OBGYN requested an emergency exploratory surgery when the OBGYN discovered that her organs were fused together. Erin then consulted another surgeon after hearing the shocking news. After years of confusion, it was finally revealed that the reality star had a perforated appendix. In Erin’s case, it turns out that her appendix kept on bursting and healing for a long time.

The TV host said in an interview,

The first time it happened, when I was 19, it just partially ruptured. Not enough to kill me, just enough to make me sick.”

After getting surgery to remove the tissue around her organs and remove her appendix, Erin and Ben received the sad news. Because of the damage, it would be hard for Erin to have any children.

Erin Napier with her husband, Ben Napier and daughter

Erin Napier with her husband, Ben Napier, and daughter

 How is Erin Napier Doing Now?

Erin Napier is doing better now. She has overcome the physical suffering brought about by her perforated appendix. Moreover, the reality TV host even defied the odds and gave birth to two beautiful children.

However, the physical pain might be gone, but her illness left scars on her mental health. Erin posted photos on Instagram while explaining her current mental health in the caption. The Home Town host said in the caption

My brain, without my permission, sets off on a fight or flight mission to save my life, when my life is not in any danger at all. Panic attacks and spiraling thoughts come rushing in.”

Despite her experiences, Erin keeps a positive mind and continues to do better with the help of her family and loved ones.

Quick Facts

Full Name Erin Napier
Date of Birth August 30, 1985
Profession Reality TV Host
Age (2022) 36 years old
Relationship Status Married
Husband Ben Napier
Children Helen Napier and Mae Napier

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