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Home » Evan Hafer Wikipedia: Net Worth, Wife and Kids

Evan Hafer Wikipedia: Net Worth, Wife and Kids

Evan Hafer Wikipedia, Networth, wife and kids

Many military personnel doesn’t spend their entire lives in the army. Some eventually retire and pursue jobs outside combat. And one of them is Evan Hafer.

Let’s know more about the CEO of Black Rifle Coffee Company, his net worth, his wife, and his kids in his Wikipedia-type bio here.

Evan Hafer Wikipedia

Evan Hafer majored in political science & government at the University of Idaho. He was an ROTC member during his stay at the university. There’s not much information on when Evan Hafer was born or his age, as his military status affords him privacy. In addition, Hafer is also quite private about his formative years.

He served in the military for 20 years of his life. In a 2017 interview for MUNCHIES, Hafer mentioned he was an infantryman before becoming a Special Forces soldier. He also said that he had close to 40 overseas deployments and spent three and a half years in Iraq as a CIA contractor.

He first discovered his passion for coffee in 1997 while in Seattle. According to his LinkedIn, Evan’s love for coffee began during his childhood. His father and grandfather would go about their day with a thermos of hot coffee.

And in 2006, Hafer started roasting his coffee to take on his deployment in Iraq and Afghanistan. It was a success with his pals, and it led him to do his research and develop his blend. Fast forward, he founded the Black Rifle Coffee Company in 2014.

What started as a small enterprise grew into a million-dollar roast-to-order coffee company. As of 2022, BRCC now has over 100,000 subscribers to its subscription service.

Evan Hafer with his two daughters

Evan Hafer with his two cute daughters

Evan Hafer Net Worth

Hafer’s business opened a coffee roasting facility in Manchester, Tennessee, in 2018. This created jobs in the process and invested $6 million into the state of Tennessee. That same year, gross revenue was $30 million, so it’s safe to say Hafer’s net worth is in the millions – specifically $10 million as of early 2022.

His time in the military and his coffee-roasting business contributed to a substantial amount of his money.

Wife and Kids

Evan Hafer is a married man. The military man turned entrepreneur is married to his wife, Kate Hafer, and has two daughters with her. This is evidenced by his Instagram posts, and although not a lot but enough to prove he has a wife and is a happy father.

Evan Hafer, wife Kate Hafer carrying his daughter

Evan Hafer wife, Kate Hafer, carrying their daughter

However, just as his military status afforded him privacy, so did his wife and kids.

We hope you enjoyed reading his Wikipedia-type biography.

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