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Home » Fetty Wap Net Worth, House, Cars, Lifestyle

Fetty Wap Net Worth, House, Cars, Lifestyle

Fetty Wap Net Worth, House, Cars, Lifestyle

If you danced to Trap Queen, you must be familiar with the rapper Fetty Wap. After his song release, the talented artist rose to fame, which instantly became an overnight success. Ever since the rapper’s songs went viral, he earned tons of fans worldwide.

Because of his success, people cannot help but be curious how much the rapper earns. Are you curious too? Keep scrolling through this article as it gives you the latest scoop of Fetty Wap’s net worth, house, cars, and lifestyle.

Fetty Wap Net Worth

Ever since his hit song Trap Queen graced the world of rap and hip-hop, Fetty Wap has made a big name for himself. Moreover, fans might suspect that he has earned so much because of his success, and he definitely did.

According to reports, Trap Queen sold about 10 million copies and received the diamond-status certification. Furthermore, different brands are after him for endorsements because of the musician’s popularity.

Famous rapper, Fetty Wap Networth

Famous rapper, Fetty Wap

In addition, the rapper signs with Sumikko Footwear to become their brand ambassador. He also endorses big brands like Calvin Klein and Pepsi.

Moreover, the rapper also established his own Youtube channel with over 3.95 million subscribers. His videos get around thousands to millions of views. With his career, endorsements, and Youtube channel revenue combined, Fetty Wap has a net worth estimate of around $8 million.

House and Cars

Much like other rappers, Fetty Wap likes collecting luxury cars. He owns a Mercedes-AMG C63, BMW M6, Mazda i8, and the BMW X5. Furthermore, in an interview, Trap Queen singer revealed that he has about 30 luxury cars in his collection.

Unfortunately, details about Fetty Wap’s house are scarce. However, he revealed in another interview that he bought ten houses and 14 apartments. Moreover, his financial advisor told him his spending habits, and the rapper gladly explained how he only has one house.

Fetty Wap houses and cars

Fetty Wap Lifestyle

Fetty Wap lives a lavish lifestyle. The rapper is the life of the party but has been in many controversies. However, he has been lying low recently. Moreover, it looks like the rapper is focusing more on his activities as a father, according to his Instagram page.

 Quick Facts

Full Name Zavier Jordan Maxwell
Date of Birth June 7th, 1990
Profession Rapper, musician, singer
Age (2022) 31 years old
Relationship Status single
Net Worth $8 million
Origin Paterson, New Jersey

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