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Home » How Old is Ben Azelart? Net Worth, Height, Girlfriend.

How Old is Ben Azelart? Net Worth, Height, Girlfriend.

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Facts about Ben Azelart Net Worth, Height, Girlfriend

Renowned reality and YouTube star Ben Azelart gained prominence after posting his first video in 2016. The starlet makes prank videos and comedy clips and hosts challenges that feature insane prize money.

He owes his fame partly to his good looks and charm with his green eyes, soft curls, and dashing smile.

Read now to know more about his height, net worth, and girlfriend.

Net Worth

Ben Azelart is worth $1.6 million as of early 2022, which comes from his job as an internet and reality star. Ben’s career as a YouTuber began in June of 2014, and he posted videos of his skateboard skills.

In 2016, he uploaded a video declaring the start of his YouTube and uploaded videos detailing his life in Hawaii. His channel has grown with over 9 million subscribers and racking up over 1.5 billion views.

Furthermore, Azelart also starred in the reality series Bucket List and made appearances on Netflix series such as Family Reunion & No Good Nick, from which he also earns from.

Moreover, according to Social Blade, he has an estimated monthly revenue of $23,600 to $378,200 and $283,700 to $4.5 million annually.

Apart from being a YouTube star, Ben is a businessman and sells his own merchandise as another source of income. His merchandise is apparel ranging from $40 to $55.

Furthermore, the starlet was modeled for DVS shoes, Predator Helmets, & Immortal Shoelaces.

Who Is Ben Azelart Girlfriend?

For the fans out there who are crushing on Ben Azelart, you can relax because he is currently single. According to sources, Azelart has been involved with three girls in his life or at least in his seven-year career.

First, he was involved with Lexi Hensler, and fan speculation was based on the pair’s online interaction. But he later revealed in a video by AwesomnessTV that they weren’t romantically related in any way and are just friends.

Ben Azelart and his rumored girlfriend, Lexi Hensler

Ben Azelart and his friend, Lexi Hensler

He then dated a girl with the same name the same year he cleared speculations, and this girl was Lexi Rivera. She’s the sister of Azelar’s close friend, Brent Rivera, and the two met through Brent. They started dating in 2018, and despite the couple’s chemistry, it did not last.

Ben and his ex-girlfriend broke up in 2020. Fortunately, the pair didn’t harbor any hard feelings and broke up after realizing they should have just stayed as friends.

Finally, Azelar dated Walking Dead star Brighton Sharbino but wasn’t revealed until the couple called it quits. Both of his former girlfriends, Lexi Rivera and Brighton Sharbino, have maintained a good friendship with Ben Azelart.

Ben Azelart and his ex-girlfriend, Lexi Rivera

Ben Azelart, along with his ex-girlfriend, Lexi Rivera

Ben Azelart Age and Birthday

Benjamin Roger Azelart was born on January 10, 2002, in Dallas, Texas, and has just recently turned 21 years of age.

How Tall is Ben Azelart?

Azelart stands at a modest height of 6 feet 2 inches or 1.88 meters tall.


Ben Azelart has one older brother, Julian, who is 21 years of age as of early 2022 and who Ben is close to. His parents are Lionel & Jill Azelart.

His father, Lionel, is a fleet captain at Hawaii Airlines. Meanwhile, Jill, his mother, is a Dental Hygienist.

Ben Azelart with his parents and brother

Ben Azelart with his parents, Lionel & Jill Azelart, and brother, Julian

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