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How old is Bernice Burgos? Kids, Net Worth, Before Surgery

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Facts about Bernice Burgos Kids, Net Worth, Before Surgery

A well-known name in the model industry, Bernice Burgos is kind of an all-rounder. She started as a model in her mid-20s. After teenage pregnancy and dropping out of school, she started working as a bartender and did some modeling on the side. At the beginning of her modeling career, she was featured in magazines like SHOW, XXL from where she became a video vixen.

From having nothing to becoming successful, she had an amazing journey. In this article, we discuss Bernice Burgos’ age, kids, net worth, and surgery details.

Bernice Burgos Net Worth

As a model, business owner, and video vixen, Bernice has quite an income. From modeling alone, she earns $500k annually. Combining her income from modeling, music videos, and her business ‘Bold and Beautiful,’ she has a net worth of 2 million dollars as of 2022. Bernice currently has 6.6 million followers on her official Instagram handle as of 2022.

Throughout her career, Bernice has been linked with various famous personalities such as Drake, but she eventually denied dating him. Her name became more known when she was rumored to be dating T.I. She is also an entrepreneur.

She has appeared in various magazines and as a model on famous artists’ music videos such as Drake, DJ Khaled, Rick Ross, and J.Cole. The model has even been featured in the MTV show- Wild N Out. She has done some high-caliber fashion shows as well. She and her daughter own a business named ‘Bold and Beautiful’ where they design sexy sleepwear.

Bernice Burgos Age

On April 17, 1980, Bernice was born in New York, USA. There is no information about her parents. As of 2022, the model is 42 years of age.


Bernice has two kids. She gave birth to the elder one: Ashley Marie Burgos, when she was only 15, and the younger one: Sarai Burgos, when she was 25. The biological father of both kids is unknown.

After the birth of her child at the early age of 15, she dropped out of school and was kicked out by her grandmother, who then lived with her boyfriend’s mother, where she didn’t pay rent and was forced to do household chores. Bernice has stated about wanting a third child too.

Bernice Burgos daughter, Ashley Burgos

Ashley Burgos, daughter of Bernice Burgos

We couldn’t find much about Sarai, who is now in her teen years. She was born in 2006 and stayed out of the limelight.

In contrast, her older daughter, Ashley is much like her mother and a well-known name. She was born in 1996 in New York, USA. Ashley celebrates her birthday on May 9 every year. She has had primary education and entered the modeling industry, where she appears in magazines, music videos and is a video vixen.

Ashley is an Instagram sensation and even owns a Sleepwell clothing brand with her mother Bernice named ‘bold and beautiful. In 2018, at the age of 21, Ashley welcomed her daughter India Ava Aisha with a well-known businessman and record label owner- Sambou Bubba Camara. They have been rumored to be dating for a few years.

Bernice Burgos daughter, Sarai Burgos

Sarai Burgos, daughter of Bernice Burgos

Before and After Surgery

Bernice has a very chubby figure and a curvy body. After her early teenage photo circulation, people started comparing her recent body with the previous one.

When asked in an interview about the plastic surgeries and if she had done any, she stated she had few plastic surgery procedures. After the birth of her 2nd daughter, she had her butt surgery, where she filled her dents.

Bernice had her surgery in a basement in The Bronx, NYC. Although the place was shady, she stated that there was a professional setup for the procedures. Bernice has had other facial and boob surgery. She believes that if people can afford and want to enhance the features, they should. There is nothing wrong with wanting to look a certain way.

In the world of social media, being bullied and trolled is not a new thing. Bernice also faced some bullying when she posted a photo of her working out. People commented about her working out her fake body, to which she replied,

“taking out fat and shaping your body is not fake. To keep the job that I got, I need to work out.”

Bernice Burgos Transformation Before And After Plastic Surgery

Bernice Burgos

Bernice Burgos wiki

Full Name Bernice Burgos
Date of Birth April 17, 1980
Profession Model, video vixen, entrepreneur
Age (2022) 42 years
Relationship status single
Place of Birth The Bronx, New York, USA
Children 2
Nationality American
Ethnicity Puerto Rican
Height 5’7”
Horoscope Aries
Net worth $2 million
Instagram followers 6.6 million

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