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Home » How Old is Chiquis Rivera? Net Worth, Height, Boyfriend & Dating Life

How Old is Chiquis Rivera? Net Worth, Height, Boyfriend & Dating Life

Chiquis Rivera Net Worth, Height, Boyfriend & Dating Life

Chiquis Rivera is unerringly one of the top-selling Latin Pop artists. For her achievements, fans also entitle her as the ‘Queen of Latin Pop.’ She also flaunts many awards for her amazing songs like ‘Lo Nuestro’ and ‘Latin Germany.’

In addition to being a music artist, she is also a TV personality. The singer made her industry debut in 2014. And since then, she has been competing for the crown in the Latin pop genre. Who is this beautiful singer dating?

This article provides details on the Latin singer Chiquis Rivera’s net worth, height, and boyfriend.

Chiquis Rivera Age

The Latin singer was born in 1985. She observes the day on June 26 with celebrations. As of 2022, she is 36 years of age. Chiquis hails from California. Her mother is also a famed Mexican actress.

Net Worth

As of 2022, Chiquis holds a net worth of $5 million. Thanks to her singing journey, the model and celebrity built most of her wealth. Throughout her journey, she has won many awards and recognition.

And thanks to her massive fan count on her social platforms, many brands approach her for sponsorships and endorsements. The singer has 5.1 million fans on Insta handle as of now.

Singer and TV personality, Chiquis Rivera

Chiquis Rivera Net Worth is estimated at $5 million

Chiquis has always been a singer. However, her career reached its true peak only in her mid-twenties. Once, national television invited the singer to perform on stage. And that was her first singing debut for a live audience.

Chiquis introduced her debut album in 2014. The album ‘Te Amo Mi Vida’ is a huge hit in and out of the United States. Furthermore, the artist has also starred in many reality shows. Since 2014, her album and singles releases have picked up much pace, and she is continuously compounding her fans and income every year.

How tall is Chiquis Rivera?

The singer’s height is 5’5”. She is quite short but still taller compared to other artists in her industry. For instance, Ariana Grande is 5’3”. Another popular Latin pop artist Shakira stands at the height of 5’2”. Lastly, the popular Latin rapper Becky-G stands at 5’1”.

Boyfriend and Dating Life

The singer’s love story began in 2019. She was already a global name by then. And quite deservingly, her boyfriend is also a social media personality. She is in a relationship with her boyfriend, Emilio Sanchez. The rumors initiated in early 2019 when many photographed the duo together. Even though both of them were quiet for some time back then, they have already made their relationship public at present.

Chiquis and her partner, Emilio, say a lot of good things about each other. They share amazing chemistry and feature each other on Insta walls occasionally. In this post on Chiquis’ Insta, we can see her in close proximity with her beloved. The comment section is filled with adorable comments from the fans. Her caption also clearly depicts her love for her beloved.

Similarly, Emilio is also crazy about his lady. In this post on Emilio’s Instagram, he shares her amazing pictures that he directed himself. Evidently, Chiquis is his number one model and also a probable life partner.

Chiquis Rivera posing with her boyfriend, Emilio

The duo is very open about their romance in 2022. They share stories and travel together a lot. They are also seen in events and gatherings. According to further reports, the singer’s family has accepted her relationship with her partner, Emilio. We are forecasting their marriage announcement.

Quick Wiki

Full Name Janney Marin Rivera
Age 36 years
Birth Date 26 June 1985
Career Singer and TV personality
Relationship Yes
Boyfriend’s name Emilio Sanchez
Net worth $5 million
Instagram followers 5.1 million

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