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Home » How Old is Oliver Tree? Net Worth, Height, Girlfriend

How Old is Oliver Tree? Net Worth, Height, Girlfriend

Oliver Tree Net Worth, Height, Girlfriend

If a person passionately wants to involve himself in something good, he will definitely nail it. Oliver Tree is an American pop singer, rapper, songwriter, music producer, filmmaker, and sketch comedian from Santa Cruz, California.

While he was in middle school, Oliver was introduced to music. He started from self-taught piano lessons to writing and recording his original songs.

Oliver Tree is best known for his released song in 2016, ‘When I’m Down,’ which went viral in 2017 and led him to sign to Atlantic Records. Read about his former and current girlfriend.

Like other pop singers, Oliver Tree often receives questions about his personal life no matter how disrespectful it is, such as questions about his bowl cup hairstyle. This article will dig into some details about Oliver Tree’s age, net worth, and height.


Oliver Tree Nickell was born on the 29th of June 1993 and raised by his parents, Ethan and Dominica Nickell, with his two siblings, Humphrey and Donne Nickell, in Santa Cruiz, California. The 28-year-old pop singer is American by nationality and White Caucasian by ethnicity. His zodiac sign is Cancer.

Net Worth

Oliver Tree started developing his talent in music at a young age. He began creating music on his own while he was in middle school and started his career in the music industry as a singer, songwriter, and music producer in 2010. Then, he started a contract on R&S Records in the following year.

Image of a American pop singer, Oliver Tree

Famous American pop singer, Oliver Tree

With the help of his collaboration with Whethan, their song, ‘When I’m Down,’ went viral in 2017. The song led him to sign a contract in Atlantic Records in the same year.

Since Oliver started his career, he has earned a net worth of $3.19 million. His source of income mainly focuses on his music career and his own clothing merchandise.


The 28-year-old American pop singer is in the average height for males as he stands at 5 feet and 7 inches in height and weighs 165 pounds. There is no discrimination since body measurements aren’t a big deal in the music industry.

He is famously known for having naturally brown hair and a bowl cup hairstyle.

Oliver Tree’s Girlfriend, Melanie Martinez

In September 2019, Oliver Tree and his girlfriend, Melanie Martinez, were interviewed for the Alternative Press Magazine. After the session, Melanie Martinez posted their picture together while in the venue. The following month, the couple confirmed their relationship through Melanie Martinez’s Instagram by posting their photo together with a caption.

“planning our deaths together.”

Oliver’s partner, Melanie Martinez, is a 26-year-old American singer. Her singing talent and songs inspired by her past relationships helped her become a hot topic in the music industry. Most of her songs became overrated as they became the most-used sounds in TikTok, such as ‘Soap,’ ‘Play Date,’ ‘Mad Hatter,’

Unfortunately, their relationship did not last long. In late 2020, the rumor about their breakup spread on social media. The fans became worried about their relationship when they noticed the couple unfollowed each other on their social media platforms. It took several months before they broke their silence regarding the situation of their relationship.

Oliver Tree with his ex- girlfriend, Melanie Martinez

Oliver Tree and his ex-girlfriend, Melanie Martinez

In May 2021, Oliver’s ex-girlfriend posted an Instagram story to update their fans about their dating relationship:

“Hey cuties just wanna let y’all know that me and @olivertree are on good terms. The breakup was mutual and was very long ago!!! You guys should know by now that I don’t support or tolerate bullying/hate of any kind. Please be nice and send positivity and support instead! Also, spend time being present in your own life it’s important for growth as human beings. Thank you for reading and hope you have a wonderful night,”

Melanie Martinez stated on her Instagram Story.

Even though the couple unfollowed each other on their social media accounts, it seems they ended their relationship on good terms. As of 2022, Oliver is currently living his single life, focusing on his career.

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