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Is Asian Doll Asian? Net Worth, Age, Birthday, Boyfriend, Ethnicity

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Asian Doll Net Worth, Age, Birthday, Boyfriend, Ethnicity

Asian Doll is the first female rapper to be part of 1017 Eskimo Records by Gucci Mane. She is one of the reasons why female rappers are now getting well-earned attention.

Get to know the rising rapper of this generation and take a glimpse of her life in this article. Also, let’s explore more information regarding her net worth, birthday, and dating life in this eye-catching review.

Who is an Asian Doll?

Misharron Jermeisha Allen, also called Asian Doll and Asian Da Brat, is a singer and rapper. After dropping her first EP called Rise of the Barbie Doll Gang, she rose to fame. Kill Bill Vol. 1, her album earned her a spot on the US Billboard. Since then, the artist has gained thousands of followers on her social media accounts.

The rising rapper is also considered a controversial rapper. She had misunderstandings and fights with other rising rappers like Bali Baby and Cuban Doll.

Asian Doll and Cuban Doll fighting

Rappers, Asian Doll and Cuban Doll

Cuban Doll and Asian Doll got into a fight at a nightclub in Miami. According to witnesses, Asian beat up Cuban Doll. Meanwhile, another source said that Cuban Doll sprayed Asian with pepper spray.

On Twitter, she posted a tweet about the fight. She said that Cuban Doll went to the party she hosted and acted all friendly, but Asian ran her out of the club.

Moreover, in another incident, the rapper got into another fight with another female rapper named Bali Baby. The two had a brawl at a music festival in Texas. According to witnesses, the fight was so intense, Bali Baby lost both her hair and her skirt.

In 2021, Asian Doll was caught in another controversy for her Indian-themed Birthday party. Asian posted her birthday announcement on both Instagram and Twitter. The invitation she posted online said that Indian Clothes are needed to gain access.

Furthermore, because of this, users were quick to judge the rapper for “cultural appropriation.” Some also criticized her for using Arabic music for her Bollywood-themed party.

Is Asian Doll Asian?

Even though Misharron’s stage name is Asian Doll, she does not have Asian blood running through her veins.

Age, Birthday

Asian Doll was born Misharron Jermeisha Allen. She was born on December 7, 1996, and is 25 years of age as of early 2022. Moreover, she was born in Dallas, Texas, USA.

Net Worth

According to reports, Asian Doll’s net worth estimate is $1.5 Million. Being a popular and in-demand rapper, her primary income source is her music. Furthermore, she also has a clothing line called Doll Gang.

The rapper uses social media marketing to keep her fans posted, making her an influencer. According to reports, her ethnicity is African-American.


Pull Up singer was born to parents Michael Allen and LaKeithia Lewis. LaKeithia was a single mom who raised Asian Doll and her other siblings. Meanwhile, her father, Michael Allen, was in jail.

In an interview with DJ Vlad, she said that growing up in Dallas, people respected her mother. Furthermore, the actress explained that she does not get into trouble because people recognize her mother.


Tattoos are body art; they represent the people who have them. And Asian Doll is one of the people who love getting tattoos.

On her right upper arm, she has a Geisha tattoo. On her hip, she has a gun tattoo. The tattoo is custom-made for her by Yoki, a Fort Worth Artist. Moving on, on her left forearm, she had a tattoo of a dollar sign.

Asian has a lot of flower-designed tattoos as well. She has flower tattoos on her stomach and her right elbow. Meanwhile, she has a tattoo that reads “Blessed” on the back of her left hand.

Moreover, she also has a butterfly tattoo under her left ear. One of the Asian Dolls’ most beautiful tattoos is the detailed mermaid on her left upper arm.

Asian Doll having tattoos on different parts of body

Rising rapper Asian Doll showing her tattoos

Asian also has tattoos dedicated to her milestones in life. She has a 1017 tattoo on her right hand. The tattoo symbolizes the record label she’s with. And on the side of her right hand, she has a 187 tattoo dedicated to 187 Park row crips.

Another tattoo she has is for her mother. On her left wrist, she inked her mother’s name, Keithia.

The young rapper is also a fan of hearts. She has four heart tattoos on her forearm and a hearts rosary on her left wrist. Furthermore, she has a Kanji tattoo on her right wrist.

A Dallas Native also has a bunch of rose tattoos. She has different rose tattoos on both her left and right forearms.

And she has a tattoo of a skeleton hand at the back of her right hand.

25 years old star also revealed a beautiful dragon tattoo on her upper back on an Instagram post. The tattoo symbolizes“Wisdom, Strength, Power, Longevity, Prosperity, and Good Luck.”

And lastly, she has star tattoos on her right hand.

Boyfriend and Dating Timeline

Asian Doll had a relationship with American Rapper BandHunta Izzy. They dated in 2017. However, there is no exact date for when and why the two broke up.

Asian Doll and her ex-boyfriend, Bandhunta Izzy

Asian Doll looking at her ex-boyfriend, Bandhunta Izzy

Asian’s former boyfriend, BandHunta Izzy, said in an interview that he sent Asian a DM on Instagram, and that’s how they started. In the same interview, he said that he still wishes Asian the best.

From 2018 until 2020, the famed celebrity dated another American Rapper named King Von. However, King Von died in November 2021 via a gunshot wound. Asian expressed her grief on social media, saying she’ll never be the same.

It can be said that Asian Doll is still healing from her loss. As of date, the Dallas-native rapper is still single.

Asian Doll with her late boyfriend, king von

King Von kissing his girlfriend, Asian Doll


At the moment, Asian Doll does not have any kids. By the looks of it, the 25-year-old star is not a mother yet.

Despite being involved in different controversies, people still look up to the controversial rapper for her talents. With her talent and hard work, this woman is off to great heights in the rapping industry.

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