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Jason Aldean has 4 Children from two Marriages

Jason Aldean has 4 Children from two Marriages

Every parent wants to have kids, and country singer Jason Aldean was blessed with four amazing children. Furthermore, Keeley, Kendyl, Memphis, and Navy Rome give color to their parents’ lives.

Even though the siblings have different mothers, their bond is incredible. They’ve got both looks and talents as they surely take after their father.

Are you curious about the four siblings? Read more here to tackle how Jason Aldean has four kids from both of his two marriages.

Jason Aldean has 4 Kids Together.

Jason Aldean, who’s a country singer, has four beautiful children. Jason has two kids with his ex-wife Jessica Ussery and two children with his current wife, Britanny Kerr.

Moreover, Jason continues to showcase his children on his Instagram account and even include them in his music videos, proving how much of a proud father he is.

First Daughter Keeley Williams.

Full Name Keeley Williams
Date of Birth February 14, 2003
Profession University Student
Age (2022) 18 years old
Father Jason Aldean
Mother Jessica Ussery
Siblings Kendyl Williams, Navy Rome Williams, Memphis Williams

Keeley Williams is Jason Aldean’s first daughter, and she is the big sister out of four siblings. Moreover, Keeley is the singer’s daughter with Jessica Ussery. Furthermore, she was born on February 14, in the year 2003.

The beautiful Keeley graduated high school last May 2021, and she is now a student at Belmont University. Keeley is as talented as her father when it comes to music. Jason stated in an interview that Keeley started learning the guitar.

Keeley is not only gifted in music but in sports too. Her dad posted a photo of her on Instagram wearing a volleyball jersey.

Jason Aldean with his first daughter, First Daughter Keeley Williams

Jason Aldean with his first daughter, Keeley Williams

Additionally, Keeley’s parents show their love for her in the most adorable ways. Jason and Keeley’s stepmother Britanny surprised her with an at-home prom. Moreover, Brittany posted a video about it.

“So today is May 2nd 2020 and it was supposed to be Keeley’s Junior prom in Nashville. but for obvious reasons it’s not happening so we’re gonna throw her prom at home…”,

the country singer’s current wife said in the introduction part of the video.

Keeley’s parents ordered food for the event and even prepared a blue-themed decor. Moreover, her siblings and parents were all together when it was finally time to surprise Keeley. Keeley can be seen dancing with her siblings and parents in the video with a huge smile on her face.

Furthermore, Keeley never fails to prove how amazing she is like a big sister as she helps her parents take care of her siblings.

Second Daughter Kendyl Williams

Full Name Kendyl Williams
Date of Birth August 20, 2007
Profession Student
Age (2022) 14 years old
Father Jason Aldean
Mother Jessica Ussery
Siblings Keeley Williams, Navy Rome Williams, Memphis Williams

Jason Aldean was blessed with another beautiful daughter on August 20th, 2007, as he and his ex-wife welcomed Kendyl Williams. Moreover, Jason describes Kendyl as a cool and sweet kid.

Furthermore, it seems like Kendyl is living a life away from the public’s eye and is focusing on her studies in her hometown in Nashville.

Jason Aldean Second daughter, Kendyl Williams

Jason Aldean second daughter, Kendyl Williams

Navy Rome Williams

Navy Rome Williams came to the world on February 4th, 2019. His daughter was born a healthy baby girl weighing 7 lbs., 12 oz.

The country singer’s fans cannot help but adore his new baby girl’s name. Moreover, Jason revealed that he wanted his kids to have unique names since he had a common name growing up. The singer also said that Navy Rome was a compromise with his wife.

“Roman was one of the names Brittany liked for Memphis and I wasn’t into it. And so she had the name Navy for this go around and I thought that was cool”,

the country singer said in an interview.

Moreover, Navy Rome resembles her older brother Memphis with the same colored hair and ocean blue eyes. They are even photographed together while Memphis is feeding Navy Rome.


Memphis Aldean Williams

Full Name Memphis Williams
Date of Birth December 1, 2017
Age (2022) 4 years old
Father Jason Aldean
Mother Brittany Kerr Aldean
Siblings Keeley Williams, Kendyl Williams, Navy Rome Williams

Jason and Brittany welcomed their handsome baby boy Memphis Aldean Williams on December 1st, 2017.

Moreover, Memphis celebrated his third birthday last December 2020. Additionally, his dad revealed how Memphis answered his and his wife’s prayers of having children of their own.

Jason posted photos of Memphis on his Instagram account for the handsome boy’s birthday. Moreover, the images showcased Memphis’ baby photos until he turned 3. Memphis undeniably takes after his mother; he rocks long hair to which people fond over. Furthermore, Jason and Memphis prove that their father and son relationship is out of this world.

In addition, Brittany posted a video of Jason and Memphis on stage. Moreover, you can see the father and son duo being cheered on by fans during the concert Jason was performing at. Memphis shows his own support to his father by watching his concerts and shows. Britanny shared a photo of Memphis again wearing a headlining set. Brittany Aldean said in the caption,

“Mems had the best time last night watching his daddy 🎤🎸.”

Moreover, Memphis also shows interest in music, and both he and his dad listen to songs together.

Additionally, Memphis proves to be quite a lady’s man as his mother shares a video of him on the beach saying

Oh, Girls”

as he sees ladies pass by. The adorable Memphis then waves at the ladies and smiles at them while saying,

Hi girls.”

Jason and Brittany son, Memphis Aldean Williams

Jason Aldean with his son, Memphis Aldean Williams

In addition, Memphis is the only baby boy in all four siblings. Having been surrounded by girls all his life, it is with no surprise that he knows how to interact with girls.

Full Name Navy Rome Williams
Date of Birth February 4, 2019
Age (2022) 2 years old
Father Jason Aldean
Mother Brittany Ker Aldean
Siblings Keeley Williams, Kendyl Williams, Memphis Williams

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