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Jimmy Tatro Net Worth, Age, Height. Girlfriend and Dating Life

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Everybody loves a comedic personality, and Jimmy Tatro is the perfect candidate for all things comedy. The Los Angeles-based actor is shaking the world of comedy entertainment because of his wits and humor. But just how successful is he?

Get to know the content creator turned actor in this article. Read more to learn about Jimmy Tatro’s net worth, age, height, girlfriend, and dating life.

Jimmy Tatro Net Worth

Jimmy Tatro’s net worth estimate is about $3 Million. Moreover, Jimmy’s primary source of income is his acting gigs. Aside from acting, Jimmy is also a director and producer. He voiced many animated characters like Mitch from Fast & Furious Spy Racers.

Another one of his income sources is his Youtube channel LifeAccordingToJimmy. The actor started as a Youtube content creator before becoming one of the most sought-out comedians of this generation.

Jimmy Tatro’s Youtube channel has about 3.46 million subscribers, and each of his videos garners millions of views which adds to his net worth through Youtube ads.

In addition, his Youtube contents are primarily about comedy skits of awkward life situations that fans love.

Image of comedic personality, Jimmy Tatro

A famous comedic personality, Jimmy Tatro

Age and Birthday

Jimmy was born on February 16th in 1992. Moreover, the comedian is currently 29 years of age.

Is Jimmy Tatro dating a Girlfriend?

Jimmy Tatro is in a happy and quirky relationship with actress Zoey Deutch. Furthermore, He revealed their relationship through an Instagram post.

Jimmy Tatro and Zoey Deutch

Jimmy Tatro with his Girlfriend, Zoey Deutch

Moreover, Jimmy posted a birthday greeting for his girlfriend, Zoey on Instagram. The carousel consisted of quirky photos of him and Zoey. The caption says,

“Happy bday Fred.”

Zoey responded to the post and commented,

“love you (heart emoji).”

The couple loves to joke around with each other. Both Zoey and Jimmy are comedians, which makes them a match made in heaven.

Jimmy Tatro and his girlfriend, Zoey Deutch on Instagram

Jimmy Tatro Wishing Birthday to his girlfriend, Zoey Deutch on Instagram

Jimmy’s girlfriend, Zoey Deutch is an actress known for her role as Samantha Kingston in the drama film Before I Fall. Furthermore, she is also famous for her powerful role in Vampire Academy as Rose Hathaway.


Jimmy Tatro is about 178 centimeters tall. Moreover, the actor weighs 187 lbs and has a waistline of 32 inches.


Jimmy’s wits and acting skills are what made fans fall in love with him. The young actor continues to grow in the industry and proves himself to be one of this generation’s top comedians.

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