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Jon Taffer’s wife Nicole Taffer and Daughter Samantha Taffer.

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Facts about Jon Taffer's wife Nicole Taffer and Daughter Samantha Taffer

Nicole and Samantha Taffer are household names in this industry. You know them as the wife and the daughter of the famous Bar Rescue co-host Jon Taffer. While Samantha is making a name for herself in her father’s industry, Nicole is also her husband’s manager.

Running a dining establishment is not easy, but they make it look like a breeze because of their industry experience. More details on celebrity restaurateur Nicole Taffer and her daughter, Samantha Taffer, in this article.

Jon Taffer is Married to his wife Nicole Taffer.

Jon Taffer married twice in his life. The first marriage did not work out, and they divorced in 1996. And that same year, Jon met his second wife, Nicole.

Jon & Nicole supposedly met in the Superbowl XXX, just after his divorce from his first wife. Sources claim they found several things in common with each other and just clicked. The couple dated for a while and married in 2000.

Nicole worked for a construction firm in Chicago before becoming his husband’s manager and appearing on Bar Rescue. She was a recon on the hit reality show, often posing as a customer and helping assess their target.

Rumors of John Taffer’s divorce came in 2013 after Nicole Taffer stopped making appearances. But she just decided to lay low for the meantime. Nicole decided to do so as she had become so recognized, and it was becoming challenging to disguise herself. The couple has no intention of parting, contrary to what some sources claim.

Nicole Taffer looking beautiful with her husband, Jon Taffer

Jon Taffer and his current wife, Nicole Taffer

Jon Taffer’s wife Nicole Taffer Bio

Nicole was born on February 16, 1973. The 49-year-old entrepreneur is a Business Management graduate of Colombia College and currently owns Taffer Media.

Before helping out her husband and making appearances in his reality show, she worked in construction. Nicole currently manages her husband’s itinerary and acts as his agent handling all his engagements relating to Bar Rescue.

There isn’t much on Jon Taffer’s wife Nicole Taffer’s early life or parents, as she prefers not to air them on social media. But we know her beginnings can be traced back to Ingleside, Illinois.

Jon Taffer’s First wife.

Nicole is Jon Taffer’s second wife, and many people don’t seem to know that. Things did not work out with Taffer and his first wife, and the couple eventually divorced around the mid-1990s.

Her identity is unknown, and it’s believed the former couple parted ways due to Jon’s attitude. Jon is blunt and happens to be hot-headed, as he’s known to go off on the show.

Another theory is that his then-wife couldn’t stand his female business partner, Nicole. Their marriage may have been unsuccessful, but the couple had a daughter, Samantha Taffer.

Jon Taffer’s daughter Samantha Taffer is Married

Samantha is Jon’s only child, and the duo shares a close bond. Being the daughter of a television star comes with its pros and cons, with the pros being instantly recognized. But this pro is also a double-edged sword as many celebrity children put up with peoples’ expectations.

Luckily for Jon’s daughter, Samantha, she doesn’t have to, seeing she also works in her father’s industry. Samantha is a bartender by profession and followed in her father’s footsteps. She has also appeared in her father’s reality TV series Bar Rescue.

John Taffer smiling with his daughter, Samantha and wife, Nicole

John Taffer smiling with his daughter, Samantha Taffer, and wife, Nicole Taffer

The starlet began her career as the general manager of the Chilly Willy’s Pub from 2010 to 2014. Before quitting her job, she became a General Market Sales Rep for the Republic National Distributing Company. She also took on the role of Key Account Manager for the same company in 2017.

Samantha married Cody Hanley on September 13, 2015, after dating for a long time. It is unknown when or how the couple met and how long they dated before marrying.

But the couple welcomed their first son, Rhett Hanley, on May 21, 2019. The couple opted to keep their baby out of the spotlight and focus on raising him without scrutiny.

They live happily together with their little boy and Rhett’s affectionate grandfather.

Full Name Nicole Taffer Samantha Taffer – Rhett
DOB February 16, 1973 1989
Profession Restaurateur Bartender
Age (2022) 48 33
Place of Birth Ingleside, Illinois USA
Relationship Status Married Married
Spouse Jon Taffer Cody Hanley
Children None One – Rhett Hanley
Net worth (early 2022) $10 million Unknown

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