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Josh Gates Net Worth, House, Height, Age.

Josh Gates Net Worth, House, Height, Age

Josh Gates is a man who lives to discover and explore. An archaeologist and a host, Gates has been around the world and back to bring you quality content on the greatest mysteries around.

Find out more about Josh Gates’ net worth, house, height, and age– all in one article right here!

Josh Gates Net Worth

But Gates is not only a TV host and personality. In addition, Gates is an archaeologist who graduated from Tufts University, Massachusetts.

Josh Gates is well known for his hosting role of Destination Truth which lasted five seasons. Moreover, the second season’s premiere gave the show its highest total viewers yet at 1.7 million.

He is also famous for Expedition Unknown on the Discovery Channel, of which he is the host and executive producer. The show is still running on discovery+ with more new episodes throughout 2022.

Gates has also hosted other shows such as Ghost Hunters and created the paranormal reality TV show, Stranded, which surely contributed to his growing net worth.

Image of an archaeologist and a host, Josh Gates

An archaeologist and a host, Josh Gates

As a producer and a host, Gates earns a lot of money. Sources say he earned $200,000 for his work on Destination Truth. Gates has also written a book entitled Destination Truth: Memories of a Monster Hunter, which again, adds to Josh Gates’ net worth.

Gate’s social media pages add to his income as well. It is estimated he earns around $900 for each post and tweet on Instagram and Twitter.

He also earns from his appearances in advertisements from companies such as Coke, BMW, and EA Sports video games. Finally, Gates has 325k followers on Instagram and 350k followers on Twitter.

Josh Gates’ net worth is estimated to be around $4 million in 2022. With a solid portfolio of reality TV shows, it’s sure to contribute to his wealth


Not much is known about Josh Gates’ house aside from the fact that he lives in Los Angeles, California.

However, Gates was recently divorced from his wife, Hallie Gnatovich, so it is unclear whether Gates still resides there.

Nevertheless, Gates will still spend most of his time traveling the world away from home as work demands.

Josh Gates and his ex-wife, Hallie Gnatovich

Josh Gates and his ex-wife, Hallie Gnatovich

How tall is Josh Gates?

Gates towers over others at the height of 1.87 meters or 6″ 1 feet. The extra inches are bound to be helpful peering over jungle foliage!


Born on August 10, 1977, Gates is now 44 years old. Indeed, Gates has been working as a host for TV shows for nearly 15 years now.

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