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Home » Joyce Rodgers Wikipedia: Net Worth, Husband, Illness

Joyce Rodgers Wikipedia: Net Worth, Husband, Illness

Joyce Rodgers Wikipedia, Net Worth, Husband, Illness

Joyce Rodgers was an International Evangelist who impacted millions of lives. She coaches how to achieve success with God’s help to females. Joyce is a well-respected person. Not only that, she was a Chairlady for the Youth Ministry during her lifetime. With this, many want to know about Joyce Rodgers’ net worth and details about her family.

Check out this article to know how much her net worth is! As well as who her husband is and what her illness was.

Evangelist Joyce Rodgers Wikipedia

The respected Evangelist, influencer, and philanthropist Joyce Rodgers do not have a Wikipedia biography. However, she has a website for her works called Evangelist Joyce L. Rodgers.

The website showcases her voluntary works and legacy during and after her death. She is present on various social media platforms, like Twitter and Instagram. Moreover, her supporters dedicated a Facebook page for her: The Official Joyce Rodgers. The page continues to share her life works.

Evangelist Rodgers is charming and captivating, not to mention energetic. She was not only an Evangelist, but she was also a speaker, an author, and a life coach.

Because of her voluntary work and service to the community, she founded the Joyce Rodgers International and Primary Purpose Ministries, Inc. Accordingly, this corporation helps women become more successful in life through the help of God’s words.

Image of an International Evangelist, Joyce Rodgers

An International Evangelist, Joyce Rodgers

Evangelist Joyce Rodgers was born Joyce Timmons. She was born on the 13th of November, 1955, in Texas. As of the present, she has kept her family out of the limelight. Thus, little is known about her family, her husband, and her children. However, she continued to live in Texas even after marriage.

Joyce started her career by serving in various activities in their local church. She was appointed as the first female Youth Pastor and then a Chairlady for the Youth Department.

Afterward, she got appointed and served as the Chairlady of the International Youth Department in her church. Everyone knew her for being outstanding in her job. Joyce was a community service servant.

She also raised awareness for Diabetes and Women. She enjoyed writing about her services. Fatal Distraction is one of the first books Joyce has written. She published her first book in 2003. She would publish two more books, ReJoyce (2013) and Go Big (2017). Joyce Rodgers Wikipedia page doesn’t exist.

Is Joyce Rodgers Married?

Joyce Rodgers married Fred L. Rogers on the 10th of October 1987. There is no news on how they met. There are not many details about her husband and her family. But it is believed she lived happily with them in Texas.

Net worth

There is no news about Joyce Rodgers’s net worth. However, she earns her income from being an author and a life strategy coach. Moreover, she serves and helps out in charity. Thus, we presume that she has a decent income to support her lifestyle and work. We also suppose her husband’s work helps in raising their pay.

What happened to Joyce Rodgers?

The famous preacher and speaker, Joyce Rodgers, died last the 19th of May in 2021. News about her death surfaced after the Church Of God In Christ posted about it on their website. After news broke out of her death, tributes and other dedications to the Evangelist poured worldwide and on social media.

Many prayed for her safety. Unfortunately, the Evangelist took her last breath in May 2021. After her death, many friends, family, and supporters grieved. Moreover, many prayed for her perished soul to rest in eternal peace.

The Department of Women’s Texas Northeast First Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction appointed Rodgers as supervisor. This happened days before she passed away. However, Rodgers died at the age of 65 years old. She was suffering from an undisclosed illness.

Joyce Rodgers dead facts

Famous preacher and speaker, Joyce Rodgers

Her Illness

According to Joyce Rodgers Wikipedia, she fell ill and died because of this. Furthermore, she died while staying in the hospital. Moreover, no one knows the cause of her death. The public never knew about her illness. People presume it was health problems and overworking that caused her illness and death. 


Joyce Rodgers’ death was truly unfortunate. During her lifetime, she touched so many lives from her lectures. In addition, she is an influential person. Thus, her legacy will continue in time. Everyone will never forget her.

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