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JP Sears Net Worth, Wife Amber Sears and Kids

JP Sears Net Worth, Wife Amber Sears and Kids

JP Sears is a YouTuber who rose to fame for satirizing health buffs. He is a rising comedian and self-proclaimed life coach. Since he is a straightforward person, many fans are interested in knowing more about his career, net worth, and relationship with his wife, Amber Sears. Do they have any kids?

Read more about him in this article.

Who is JP Sears?

Jonathan Sears, better known as JP Sears, is a well-known comedian and American YouTuber. He was born on April 12, 1981, and is currently 40 of age. He was born and raised in Ohio. His mother was a Christian, and his father was an atheist. According to him, this brought balance to their household.

He has a youtube channel account called AwakenWithJP. He started making videos in 2013. Moreover, he rose to popularity when his videos parodying wellness consumers gained attraction.

JP Sears used to mock people for their extreme care in health wellness. Nowadays, he is what he says he won’t become. Furthermore, he is a life coach, businessman, comedian, and YouTuber.

Recently, people questioned him for creating conspiracy theories regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.

JP Spears Net Worth

Currently, there is no exact number of JP Sears net worth. But as of 2022, his estimated net worth is 3 Million dollars. Most of his income comes from his internet career.

Firstly, he earns around $7000 for his youtube videos and from sponsors. Secondly, as a life coach, he makes about $200. Lastly, he also earns from being a stand-up comedian. Each ticket costs roughly around $25.

Image of Comedian and American YouTuber, JP Sears

Comedian and American YouTuber, JP Sears

Over the years, not only did he gain income from being a YouTuber, but he also earned in from being a life coach and a comedian. He also earns from being a businessman.

JP Sears has a wife, Amber Sears

Amber Sears is currently married to her husband, JP Sears. The two first met in 2017 in Costa Rica. Eventually, the JP and his wife, Amber, married on June 2, 2018. The couple’s relationship has not been in any controversial rumors. Moreover, JP has not mentioned his past relationships on any platforms.

Not only does Amber work as a nutritionist, but his wife, Amber Sears, is also a yoga and Pilates teacher as well. Moreover, she is also an entrepreneur. In addition, Amber was a former dancer. She fully supports her husband’s work. As a result, JP’s spouse helps him out whenever he holds events.

Does JP Sears has kids?

JP Sears mentioned in a past video that he doesn’t want kids. However, he changed his mind after getting married. Now he has one child with his wife, Amber Sears. The couple welcomed their first child in December 2020. His son, Wilder, is currently a year old.

JP Sears wife Amber Sears and son, Wilder

JP Sears looking happy with his wife Amber Sears and son, Wilder

The comedian also used his son in promoting just like any other influencer. This act is not new to influencers who have a family. The majority frowns upon this action. However, JP considers himself a good father.


By doing what he loves and being a life coach, JP Sears has his life going well. But some are also questioning his beliefs. Finally, his followers want to know how far he’ll go.

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