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K Camp Net Worth, Age, Birthdate, Girlfriend and Dating Life

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K Camp Net Worth, Age, Birthdate, Girlfriend and Dating Life

Do you remember the Renegade challenge? Or what about the song and its catchy beat? It wasn’t just a song or dance challenge; it was about black identity.

In this article, let’s get to know about the rapper, K Camp – the person behind the Tiktok sound that almost every Tiktok user knows. Let’s also learn about his net worth, age, and birthday. Also, read about his girlfriend and dating life.

Who is K Camp?

Kristopher Thomas Campbell, better known as K Camp, is an American rapper signed under Interscope Records. His most famous pieces include “Money Baby,” Comfortable,” and “Cut Her Off.”

Moreover, he is the person behind the song for the viral Renegade challenge, as his song Lottery has been used in the said challenge.

K Camp started showing his interest in making it big in the rap industry by performing in open mic competitions during his prime years. Finally, from then on, his rap ventures brought him to bigger crowds and bigger stages. 2014, he made his debut in the industry.

K Camp Net Worth

Being in the industry for almost a decade, this American rapper has a net worth of two to three point five million dollars. Moreover, K Camp gained more prominence after his song, Lottery (Renegade), went viral on the video-sharing platform TikTok, thanks to famous Tiktoker Charli D’Amelio.

We can say that the song’s prominence has increased the rapper’s net worth.

Tiktoker Charli D'Amelio Tiktok Song Renegade of K Camp Went Viral

K Camp performing on TikTok

Furthermore, much of K Camp’s net worth, if not all of it, stems from his career as a rapper. Especially with the release of his song, Lottery (Renegade), and from his YouTube channel, which has over 1.8 million subscribers.


Kristopher Thomas Campbell was born to his mother, Shauna Maria Campbell, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 1990. The rapper celebrates his birthday on the 27th of April every year.


The American rapper is 31 years of age as of early 2022.

Girlfriend and Dating Life

According to credible sources, Kristopher Campbell, better known as K Camp, is in a relationship with Vanessa M. Rodriguez. According to her Instagram account, his girlfriend, Vanessa is the CEO of azucarskin, a skincare cosmetic company.

Furthermore, based on Vanessa’s Instagram photo, the couple marked their first anniversary end of 2021.

K Camp Girlfriend, Vanessa M. Rodriguez posted photo at anniversary on Instagram

K Camp and his girlfriend, Vanessa M. Rodriguez on Insta

Meanwhile, Camp posted a video of his gender reveal party back in 2018, finding out that he was fathering a daughter. Tragedy struck, unfortunately, in 2019. His baby girl had died at only 11 months old for reasons he did not want to disclose.

After that, there isn’t much as Campbell is not one to expose them and prefers to keep things private.

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