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Kenan Thompson Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight Loss.

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Kenan Thompson Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight Loss

If you are a 90s Nickelodeon fan, you are definitely familiar with the comedic Kenan Thompson. Moreover, he has been a big part of everyone’s childhood with humor that can make a grown man laugh. Having been an actor for two decades, just how much is Kenan Thompson’s net worth now?

Do you want to know? Scroll through here to learn more about Kenan Thompson’s age, height, and weight loss.

Kenan Thompson Net Worth

Kenan Thomspon’s income hails from various sources but is mostly from his acting, voice acting, and comedy career. In addition to his income sources, the actor recently launched the production company Artists for Artists, which is a training ground for different artists planning.

The actor’s career started way back in the early 90s. He was one of the original Nickelodeon comedians appearing in the show All that. Moreover, Kenan is often partnered up with another Nickelodeon star Kel Mitchell.

Kel and Kenan became best friends because of the show, and they recently participated in The Tonight Show, starring Jimmy Fallon, last September 23, 2015.

Famous Comedian, Kenan Thompson in pink suit

Famous Comedian and actor, Kenan Thompson

The comedians played their roles as Ed and Lester Oakes again from Good Burger. Furthermore, Good Burger was a hit Nickelodeon show that Kenan and Kel starred in.

Kenan also appeared in many successful movies like The Mighty Ducks, Good Burger, and Fat Albert. Because of his funny antics, the comedian became a regular member of Saturday Night live in 2003, and he is still active until this day.

Furthermore, because of his fantastic performance on Saturday Night Live, Kenan was nominated four times for the Primetime Emmy Awards.

The 43-year-old comedian is also a talented voice actor. He voiced Sue Sezno in the Fox cartoon show Sit Down, Shut Up. However, the show was discontinued after receiving low ratings. Moreover, Kenan also voiced LeBron Jame’s puppet in Nike’s Most Valuable Puppets commercial.

Kenan returned to Nickelodeon to help produce the revival of All That in 2019. Furthermore, Kenan also had his own show on NBC called Kenan. The show was about a father who now has to raise his children after his wife died.

After being in the entertainment industry for a long time, Kenan Thompson’s net worth estimate is about $13 million.

How old is Kean Thompson?

Kenan Thompson is currently 43 years old. Moreover, the comedian was born on May 10 in the year 1978.


How tall is Kean Thompson?

Kenan Thompson stands at about 5 feet and 8.5 inches. Moreover, Kenan is about the same height as fellow Good Burger star Kel Mitchell. However, he is shorter than fellow All That actor Nick Cannon who stands at about 5 feet and 10.5 inches.

Weight Loss Journey.

According to Kenan, he had always been a soda kid as he grew up. He wanted to change his lifestyle to see his kids grow up. The comedian said in an interview that he does full-body workouts and makes changes in his diet

. Moreover, the actor followed diet control, regular exercise, yoga, and he became consistent with his regime. In addition, Kenan eats high-protein and avoids sugary drinks.

Kenan Thompson before and after weight loss

Kenan Thompson does full-body workouts

In terms of how much weight the actor lost, Kenan did not reveal it publicly. That is why there is no exact measurement for his current weight. The comedian said that if he did reveal his weight, the media would just use it as a cover story.

Full Name Kenan Stacy Thompson
Date of Birth May 10, 1978
Profession Comedian, actor, voice actor, producer, host
Age (2022) 43 years old
Relationship Status Married to wife Christina Evangeline
Net Worth $13 million
Origin Atlanta, Georgia, USA

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