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Kenan Thompson Wife Christina Evangeline Age, Kids, Love Life.

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Kenan Thompson Wife Christina Evangeline Age, Kids, Love Life

You may have seen some of Kenan Thompson’s skits on Saturday Night Live, but do you know about his wife, Christina Evangeline? If you are curious to know about Christina’s age, kids, and her love life with Kenan, then keep on reading.

Kenan Thompson is Married to his wife Christina Evangeline since 2011

Kenan and Christina’s love life is one for the books. They first met when talent manager Danny Estrada played matchmaking for the two. Indeed, the two hit it off immediately and soon would get married.

Their beautiful ceremony took place in an aquarium in Atlanta, Georgia. Moreover, they definitely chose their wedding date with great care as they tied the knot on 11-11-11 or November 11, 2011.

Christina wore an elegant long white gown for the ceremony and switched to a shorter white dress for the reception afterward. Nick Cannon was even present as MC.

Their special occasion was definitely like no other. After all, how many people do you know who had their wedding in an aquarium? Apparently, Christina loves animals, and the dolphins made great company for this momentous day.

Kenan Thompson smiling with her wife, Christina Evangeline

Kenan Thompson smiling with her wife, Christina Evangeline

Both of them seem to be loving married life with their children. They post pictures together on social media, from the mundane moments to significant events, such as when they took a trip to Disney World.

Although they do not talk much about their personal lives, both of them still love to post about their family, especially about their children, who are growing up quickly. Georgia and Gianna are 8 and 4 years old, respectively. It won’t be long before Christina sends her kids off to college!

The Thompson’s have been married for over ten years at this point, and the love is still going strong.

Kenan Thompson Wife Christina Evangeline

Here is some information on Kenan Thompson’s long-time wife, Christina Evangeline. You may be surprised to hear that she is quite an individual with a wide variety of interests. She breaks the mold of being “just another celebrity” wife with a fulfilling life of her own.

Firstly, she is from Halifax, Nova Scotia. This place is in Canada, where her family is from, and where she was brought up during her childhood. Christina loves to travel, and one of the places she visits is, of course, Nova Scotia. Whenever she is there, she recalls the memory of her childhood and feels nostalgia.

Although she prefers to keep her personal matters private, we know a lot about Christina since she and her husband are active on social media.

Kenan revealed in an interview that Christina is an interior designer studying under some of the best architects in New York City. Indeed, their own home is one out of a picture book since Christina herself designed it.

Christina Evangeline, Wife of Kenan Thompson

Christina Evangeline, Wife of Kenan Thompson

On the side, she loves to do photography and videography. She shares a lot of her pictures on her social media pages, like her Instagram page.

If you were also able to catch the comedy movie Mini Supreme, then you may have noticed her there. Additionally, she acts in some other smaller projects.

Before Christina became an interior designer and avid photography enthusiast, she worked as a model for some gigs and fashion magazines.

However, that’s not all. One of Christina’s most defining features of her career is her engagement with community service and supporting non-profit organizations.

Moreover, she has worked with groups such as the Cristina Rivera Foundation and Save the Children Federation. Indeed, she has a soft spot for children and families.

Finally, she started her own foundation called Evermore, which assists people in coping after the loss of a loved one. Drawing from her own experiences, she tried to help others going through challenging times.


Christina Evangeline is still relatively young, at 32 years old. Thus, she was born on the 24th of March, 1989. Her husband, the SNL star, is currently 43 years old, so the two have around a ten-year gap between them.


The Thompson’s have two daughters together. Their first child, Georgia Marie Thompson, was born on the 20th of June in 2014. The doctors said that she weighed six and a half pounds at birth. As of 2022, that would make her eight years old at this point. Kenan had this beautiful memory to share on Georgia growing up:

“I remember my buddy sent her a bicycle, and I thought it was way too early. Now she’s just whipping around on that bike like it’s nothing and I’m like, ‘I remember when you didn’t understand what pedaling was.'”

Kenan continued,

“Now It’s just like, ‘Dad, can I ride my bike? I’m like, ‘Of course you can, you blessed child. Of course.’ You just sit there and watch your magic living its life and it’s unbelievable. Home life is a beautiful thing.”

Christina Evangeline and her husband, Keenan Thompson carrying their daughters

Christina Evangeline and her husband, Keenan Thompson carrying their daughters

Indeed, children can add significantly to a household. Kenan and Christina had a wonderful life at home when Georgia came into their lives. Additionally, her name is a homage to Kenan’s hometown and where they declared their wedding vows. In fact, Georgia has her own webpage on Christina’s website.

Four years after Georgia was born, they welcomed their second daughter, Gianna Michelle Thompson. Georgia’s little sister was born on the 31st of July, 2018.

Christina, departing from her usual behavior, shared photos on Instagram a few days before Gianna was due. Clearly, she was very excited to welcome their second daughter into the world.

Georgia and Gianna bring a lot of fun and happiness into the Thompson household. When asked about life with the kids, Kenan said,

“Kids are hilarious. They say the darndest things, but that’s just because they don’t really know what they’re saying, and that just makes much more funniness happen.”

Full Name Christina Evangeline Thompson
Date of Birth March 24, 1989
Profession Interior designer and actress
Age (2022) 32
Place of Birth Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Relationship Status Married
Partner Kenan Thompson
Children Georgia Marie Thompson

Gianna Michelle Thompson

Net Worth $900k

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