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Kevin Gates Wife Dreka Gates Net Worth, Age, Tattoos

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Kevin Gates Wife Dreka Gates Net Worth, Age, Tattoos

If you heard of Kevin Gates’ song Dreka, then you might be familiar with his wife, Dreka Gates. The subject of his song and lyrics is his beautiful wife. After Kevin became a hit on Instagram, his wife Dreka also became a fan favorite because of her beauty and how she presented herself.

After gaining popularity, Dreka’s fans cannot help but be curious about her life and success. Are you curious about Dreka Gates too? Read here to know more about Kevin Grates’ wife, Dreka Gates, her net worth, age, and tattoos.

Kevin Gates has been married to his wife Dreka Gates since 2015

Kevin and his wife, Dreka Gates, have exchanged I Do’s since 2015, making their relationship six years strong. Moreover, Dreka and Kevin go a long way as they have worked together since 2010.

Furthermore, Dreka is not only Kevin’s significant other, but she is also his booking manager. Kevin said that everything he tells his partner, she would manifest them in an interview.

Kevin Gates spending quality time with his wife, Dreka Gates

Kevin Gates spending quality time with his wife, Dreka Gates

Dreka and Kevin have an open marriage. It means that both can be with other men or women despite being husband and wife. In addition, Kevin mentioned in an interview that Dreka would be okay with him having other women as long as she is part of it.

Dreka and Kevin’s relationship makes people jealous as they continue to show how much they appreciate and love each other.

Just last February 5, 2020, Kevin Gates posted an official visualizer of his song Dreka. The video consisted of videos and pictures of the couple. Moreover, the video reached 42 million views with 357,000 likes.

Mother of Two Beautiful Kids: Khaza Kamil Gates & Islah Koren Gates.

Deka Grates has two beautiful children with Kevin Gates. Her eldest child is their daughter Islah Koren Gates (9), born on November 30, 2012. Moreover, their second child, Khaza Kamil Gates (7), was born on May 10, 2014.

Dreka and Kevin Gates with their children

Dreka and Kevin Gates with their children, Islah Koren and Khaza Kamil

 Relationship Troubles

Kevin and Dreka’s relationship was tested when rumors about Kevin circulated. In 2021, Kevin was rumored to be dating Renni Rucci.

Moreover, Renni and Kevin released a song together, speculating that their romance had started. However, after Dreka posted anniversary photos together, the rumors were proven false. Dreka wrote,

“Happy anniverary bee-bee! 17years together, 5 years of marriage, and 2 little people later… I’m still proud and happy to call you my husband and best friend…”

Kevin Gates Wife, Dreka Gates Net Worth

Dreka Gates’ net worth estimate as of 2022 is about 1 to 2 million US dollars. She is a professional woman who always means business as she has many income sources.

Dreka’s first income source is being her husband’s booking manager. Her second source of income is being an entrepreneur. Aside from being an entrepreneur and a bookings manager, Dreka is also a YouTuber. She started her Youtube channel in 2017.

As of 2022, Dreka has over 150,000 followers on her Youtube channel. Furthermore, Dreka’s videos get 90,000 to 700,000 views which possibly adds to their revenue through Youtube ads.

Kevin’s wife is still active in the music scene as she contributes to her husband’s career. Moreover, she still continues her own business as well. Because of her success, there is a possibility that Dreka’s net worth will still increase in the future.


Dreka as an Entrepreneur

Dreka is in the world of business as she co-founded the Bread Winners’ Association. Bread Winners’ Association is a record label that she and Kevin Gates founded way back in 2010.

Moreover, Dreka also has her own skincare and wellness line, DREKA. DREKA offers a variety of products ranging from cleansers, moisturizers, and lip scrubs to incense and even a seed paper journal. DREKA offers environmentally conscious products from its packaging to the products themselves.

As per the question and answer part of the site, their products are animal-cruelty-free. Moreover, they also have organic products available.

Dreka Gates Age

Dreka Gates was born Shadreka Centuri Haynes on the 31st of August 1986, and she is 35 years old as of today. She was born in Baton Rouge in Louisiana.

Huge fan following of more than 3 million

Dreka Gates is quite the social media star as well. The entrepreneur has over 2 million and 700 thousand followers on Instagram. Dreka’s Instagram page showcases her beauty in self photos. Moreover, her photos mainly involve nature.

Furthermore, Dreka has about 93.4k followers on Twitter, 14k followers on Tiktok and over 1 million followers on Facebook. This only proves that Dreka Gates has a solid social media presence as supporters and fans love to stay up to date about her personal life.

Dreka Gates has about 3.9 Million fans following in total from all her social media accounts.

Dreka Gates Tattoos

Dreka Gates has multiple tattoos covering her whole body as if she treats herself as a beautiful giant canvas. Moreover, Dreka has a huge eagle tattoo on her chest.

Dreka also has gorgeous tattoos found on her back. Her back tattoos range from suns to stars and even desert animals like camels. Furthermore, she also has the word Five tattoos on her back. You can also see a tattoo of a handprint with an eye inside on her right arm.

Dreka posted a video on Instagram with a detailed view of all her body tattoos. She posted the video last September 20, 2017, with the caption,

“Show me your #tattoos with the hashtag #beautifulscars…”.

Dreka Gates shared the video of tattoos on her insta


With her looks, intelligence, and hard-working personality, it is no wonder that Kevin Grates fell in love with Dreka Grates. With continued support from fans, her husband, and children, Dreka proves to be one successful woman.

Kevin Gates Wife Dreka Gates Quick Facts

Full Name Shadreka Centuri Haynes
Date of Birth August 31, 1986
Profession Social Media Star, Actress, Youtube Vlogger, Entrepreneur, Bookings Manager, Model.
Age (as of 2022) 35 years old
Place of Birth Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States.
Relationship Status Married
Spouse Kevin Gates

[Real Name] Kevin Jerome Gilyard

Children Islah Koren Gates (9 years old)

Khaza Kamil Gates (7 years old)

Net Worth $1 Million to $2 Million

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