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Kevin Samuels Wikipedia: Net Worth, Wife, Age, Gay, Bio

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Kevin Samuels Wikipedia, Net Worth, Wife, Age, Gay, Bio

No one else screams “expert” than Kevin Samuels himself when it comes to dating. Because of his relatable videos, many people look up to him and become loyal supporters. Read this to know Kevin Samuels Wikipedia info, including net worth and wife.

People cannot help but be drawn to Kevin’s great conversations, which is why they subscribe to him and ask for more pieces of advice.

Kevin Samuels Wikipedia

Kevin Samuels is proudly from Atlanta, Georgia. Moreover, Kevin went to Millwood High School and graduated from the University of Oklahoma. In addition, Kevin majored Chemical Engineering.

As per Kevin’s Instagram story of a throwback photo of his yearbook, Kevin is into dancing. In addition, he is also into clothes and meeting new people. Moreover, he is part of many school clubs, like a band and the student council. Furthermore, Kevin was also part of MHS dancers, Pep Club, and the Bronze Gents.

When it comes to his family life, Kevin keeps it private. There are no more available details about his parents as of 2022. However, according to sources, Kevin’s parents separated when he was a kid. Furthermore, Kevin is closer to his mom after his parents called it quits.

Before Kevin became a Youtube content creator, he worked for the chemical industry as he graduated in Chemical Engineering. Moreover, he was also an Office Depot business development manager. Kevin also worked in the world of media as he worked as an internet sales agent and advertising for Supermedia. Furthermore, he worked for The Real Yellow Pages, a marketing and advertising company, in 2013.

Kevin entered the world of content creation back in 2016 when he started his own Youtube channel. Currently, Kevin has over 1.3 million subscribers on his channel. Moreover, his videos are mainly about giving his comments on different issues and other different topics like fashion and relationships.

Aside from being a Youtube content creator, Kevin is also an image consultant. In an interview, it was revealed that Kevin did not like his office life that is why he built his own image consultancy company. Furthermore, Kevin is also a lifestyle coach as per his Instagram biography and About section on Youtube.

Kevin Samuels Wikipedia page doesn’t exist.

Image of the Youtube content creator, Kevin Samuels

The Youtube content creator, Kevin Samuels

Kevin Samuels Net Worth

Kevin Samuels’ net worth is $3 million. Moreover, Kevin has many income sources starting with his day jobs in the corporate industry. Furthermore, Kevin also earns through Youtube Ads from his Youtube Channel.

Because of his huge following and social media popularity, Kevin’s other source of income is his brand endorsements. Adding to his success, Kevin owns a huge property in Los Angeles. The location is where the Life & Style by Kevin Samuels is based in. Moreover, Kevin also collects luxury cars. According to suspicions, he owns a Rolls Royce and a Bentley. Kevin posted videos of his test-driving vehicles. He was also spotted going car shopping in luxury car brands like Mercedez-Benz.

With his subscriber and followers count still adding up daily and with his businesses, Kevin’s net worth estimate will possibly continue to grow as time passes.

Is Kevin Samuel Married to a Wife now?

Kevin Samuels is not married as of the moment despite being a love and dating guru himself. There are no reports of him hinting at a relationship either. By the looks of it, the influencer is focusing on his career.

Kevin Samuel Ex-wife

Kevin Samuels revealed in an interview that he had been married twice. However, both marriages failed. Kevin’s first marriage was with his high school girlfriend, and it lasted for a year.

Moreover, he has one kid with his first wife. Kevin said in the interview that the reason for divorce was that they were both better off as friends than as a couple. Kevin is now co-parenting with his first ex-wife to take care of their child.

Moreover, in a court document obtained by a source, Kevin and his ex-wife got married on September 15, 2002, and divorced in March 2005. According to the same court document, Kevin was to pay about 299.57 dollars for child support.

His second marriage only lasted for about three years. Furthermore, Kevin does not have a child with his second ex-wife.

Unfortunately, the names of both his past wives are not available. Moreover, there are also no other details about them.

Gay Rumors

Rumors circulated online about Kevin Samuels being gay. Kevin addressed the rumors in an interview, saying that the man was an internet troll in a call queue.

Furthermore, there was a video of Kevin reportedly with a man sleeping in bed. According to Kevin, he accidentally pressed the wrong button, which is why the man’s clip showed up.

Kevin Samuel kept his love life private

Kevin Married twice and had one daughter from the first relation

Age, Birthday

Kevin was born on March 13, 1965. Moreover, he is currently 56 years old.


Kevin has one child with his first wife. His daughter’s name is not publicly revealed; however, according to obtained court documents, she was born on June 29, 2000. Moreover, Kevin’s daughter is most likely to be 21 years old as of 2022.


Kevin was involved in a controversy back in June 2021 when a girl surfaced and claimed that she was his daughter. Aside from that, people also accused Kevin of exploiting and objectifying black women. Kevin believes that a woman who does not pass the 10-point scale is below average. When it comes to relationships, Kevin advises those “below average” women to lower their expectations of men because they are not fit.

Moreover, people accused Kevin of being misogynistic and faking his dating and relationship experts. Considering that Kevin is a graduate of Chemical Engineering and has no background in marriage therapy, his advice on relationships and dating is beyond his expertise.

Dating and relationship expert, Kevin Samuels

Kevin Samuels was involved in controversies of exploiting black women

Furthermore, there is even a petition to have him removed from both Youtube and Instagram because of his issues. According to the petition, Kevin’s videos on women’s dating expectations have allowed men to think about women negatively. The public also judged Kevin after saying that Saweetie, a female rapper, is a six on the 10-point scale.


Despite Kevin’s issues, people still look up to him as an expert on dating and relationships. Moreover, with his following on social media platforms and millions of people subscribing to his Youtube channel, Kevin Samuels is still set to grow in the content creation and image consulting industry.

Quick Facts

Full Name Kevin Roshon Samuels
Date of Birth March 13, 1965
Profession Image Consultant, Influencer, Lifestyle Coach
Age (2022) 56
Place of Birth Atlanta, Georgia
Relationship Status Single
Spouse Unnamed ex-wives
Children One daughter (20, born on June 29, 200)
Net Worth Approximately $3 Million

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