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Home » Is Khalyla Kuhn Bobby Lee’s Wife or a Girlfriend? Her Age, Family

Is Khalyla Kuhn Bobby Lee’s Wife or a Girlfriend? Her Age, Family

Bobby Lee’s Wife Khalyla Kuhn Biography

Khalyla Kuhn is an American Youtuber, a Podcast host, and a digital content creator. She was thrust into the limelight when she began co-hosting ‘TigerBelly’ in conjunction with renowned actor and comedian Bobby Lee. Her fans are curious to know if Khalyla Kuhn is Bobby Lee’s wife or a girlfriend. Know the fact here.

Have a look at Khalyla’s career, upbringing, and love life in the paragraphs that follow.

Khalyla Kuhn Age

Khalyla, 37, was born on the 31st of October, 1984, to an American father and Filipino mother in Cebu, Philippines. Her mother, Marites Kuhn, raised Khalyla and her sisters, Julianna and Khawinda Khun, as single mother, in Cebu.

Little is known about Khalyla’s father and his whereabouts. Khalyla attended elementary school at Cebu international school and later moved to America, where she completed high school and successfully pursued a Biochemistry degree.

After graduation, Khalyla worked part-time as a waiter, then as a tutor, tutoring students studying microbiology and anatomy. Find out juicy details about Khalyla’s love life in the paragraph that follows.

Is Khalyla Kuhn Bobby Lee’s Wife or Girlfriend?

Khalyla Kuhn and stand-up comedian Bobby Lee, 50, met on the popular dating app tinder. They ended up dating soon after swiping right. Their relationship blossomed, leading to them making their union official in August 2016 when they got married in a private ceremony at a New York church.

Although Bobby and his wife, Khalyla, remain happily married, their marriage has not lacked controversy. An incident in 2018 had a section of Bobby Lee fans labeling Khalyla as a gold digger after she made a joke, which she claimed was taken out of context, about her not seeing herself being married to Bobby if he wasn’t well off.

Arguably, Bobby’s wife was living in obscurity before meeting her husband, Bobby.

Khalyla Kuhn looking happy with her husband, Bobby Lee

Khalyla Kuhn looking happy with her husband, Bobby Lee

Furthermore, in 2019 former MMA athlete, Brendan Schaub, made his feelings about Khalyla known. Brendan intimated that the internet personality was an attractive lady and that he could not envisage how she could be attracted to her husband, Bobby Lee.

Bobby became suspicious of the relationship between Brendan and his wife after reading the text messages. Khalyla revealed that her relationship with Brendan was completely plutonic.

And she remains blissfully married to Bobby without any cheating incidents to date. They haven’t had any children yet, and the couple has not made any plans to have any kids yet.

Khalyla Kuhn Wiki

Although Khalyla is most famous for co-hosting TigerBelly, she has made several appearances on other shows and hosts the Trash Tuesday podcast, which is available on YouTube. TigerBelly has amassed over 650 thousand subscribers and millions of views on YouTube.

The Youtuber and her co-hosts frequently feature prominent American artists and discuss a wide variety of topics, ranging from entertainment and sexuality to racism and politics.

Bobby Lee’s Wife, Khalyla Kuhn

An Asian American podcaster, Khalyla Khun

Khalyla has appeared on The Pornhub Podcast with Asa Akira as well as Laugh Aid and Redbar. Khalyla is very active as a social media personality and has over 310 thousand Instagram followers and over 30 thousand Twitter followers.

The Youtuber, who once dreamed of being a doctor, remains wholly focused on her podcasting career. And it is not surprising that she has amassed a net worth of over 2 million dollars over her illustrious career.

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