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Home » Kountry Wayne Wikipedia: Net Worth, Age, Height.

Kountry Wayne Wikipedia: Net Worth, Age, Height.

Kountry Wayne Wikipedia, Net Worth, Age, Height

Kountry Wayne rose to stardom with his comedy skits and videos. The comedian is setting the bar high in the world of comedy. Because of his success in being a comedian, he performed in Rickey Smiley’s The Comedy Explosion last September 2017. He performed alongside Loni Love, Rip Micheals, and Tony Rock. Because of his rising fame, people can’t help but be curious about how successful he is.

Are you curious too? Scroll here to learn about Kountry Wayne’s net worth, age, height in Wikipedia-type bio.

Where is Kountry Wayne from?

Kountry Wayne hails proudly from Waynesboro, Georgia. Moreover, he has two businesses that he runs in South Georgia, so he decided to reside there. The comedian still lives in South Georgia until this day.

Kourtney Wayne Wikipedia.

Kountry Wayne’s real name is Wayne Colley, and he was born on December 9th, in the year 1987. He went to Jenkins Country High School when he was young.

Before becoming a comedian and actor, Kountry Wayne wanted to pursue a career in music and rap. The comedian tried to establish himself in the music industry.

However, it did not work out. After his plans of becoming a musician did not succeed, he realized that he had a habit of making people laugh.

Kountry started doing stand-up comedy, and people loved his jokes. The comedian could make anyone laugh because of his natural humor. Furthermore, he posts his comedy skits on his Youtube channel.

In addition, Kountry participated in a few films like The Turnaround and Holiday Heartbreak. Moreover, the comedian was one of the producers for Holiday Heartbreak. He also appeared in the short film Wild’ N Out and DJ Smallz Eyes.

Kourtney Wayne Wikipedia page doesn’t exist.

Kountry Wayne and his ex-wife, Jess Hilarious

Kountry Wayne and his ex-wife, Jess Hilarious

Net Worth.

Kountry Wayne participates in live shows for stand-up comedy. People find him entertaining that many of them subscribe to his Youtube channel with over 478K subscribers.

Furthermore, the comedian also has a huge Instagram following with about 3.2 million followers. Because of his fan base, he also does endorsements for different brands.

Moreover, the comedian also allows bookings to have him as a keynote speaker for an event. Aside from that, Kountry has an online shop for different merchandise.

Kountry Wayne sells Jesus is Poppin clothing line and merchandise and offers items from mugs, notebooks, pillows, joggers, hoodies, and shirts.

The Famous comedian, Kountry Wayne Networth

The Famous comedian, Kountry Wayne

With his combined income sources as a comedian, actor, social media celebrity, and online shop, Kountry Wayne’s net worth estimate is about $2 million.

However, because of his success and popularity, there is a possibility his net worth will increase in the future.

House cars and Lifestyle.

Kountry Wayne has a big collection of classic and vintage cars. The comedian owns one 1987 Buick Grand National, which reportedly costs $30,000.

Although Kountry did not reveal his exact address, the comedian owns a multimillion-dollar estate. He went live on Instagram, showing a full house tour.

In terms of lifestyle, Kountry likes to live lavishly, and he spoils his children with cars and gifts, as seen on his youtube videos. Moreover, he loves to spend time with his family, especially with his children, and often showcases them on his Instagram account.


How tall is Kountry Wayne?

Kountry Wayne stands at about 5 feet and 7 inches. He is one inch taller than fellow comedian Loni Love who is 5 foot 6. However, Kountry is shorter than Rip Micheals, who stands at 6 foot 1.

Family: Parents & Siblings

Kountry Wayne does not share his private life on camera, including his family. However, he revealed in an interview that his father is in jail but never fails to show his support to his son. The comedian also revealed that his mother had died. However, information about her death is unavailable.

Moreover, Kountry has four brothers: Prince Tay, QB, Crenshaw Coley, and D’Arby.

Wife and kids

The comedian is not seeing anyone as of 2022. However, he was formerly married to actress Gena Colley in 2017; the couple filed for divorce in 2018. The reason for their divorce was Kountry’s relationship with Jess Hilarious.

After ending his relationship with Gena, Kountry dated Jess. However, the two comedians broke up because Kountry decided to spend time with his children and their mom on Valentine’s day. According to reports, Kountry and Gena appear to still be close to each other despite their divorce.

Moreover, Kountry has ten children from different women. He has kids as young as three years old and 16 years old. Only five of his children’s names are publicly known: Christiana, Melissa, Temar, Tony, and Honest Colley. His eldest son, Tony Colley, was born when Kountry was just 17 years old.

Kountry Wayne looking happy with his children

Kountry Wayne looking happy with his children

Full Name Wayne Colley
Date of Birth December 9, 1987
Profession Actor, comedian, businessman, producer.
Age (2022) 34 years old
Relationship Status Divorced
Net Worth $2 million
Origin Waynesboro, Georgia, USA

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