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Home » Larry The Cable Guy Net Worth, Age. Wife Cara Whitney and Kids

Larry The Cable Guy Net Worth, Age. Wife Cara Whitney and Kids

Larry The Cable Guy, Net Worth, Age, Wife, Cara Whitney

Life can take you in many directions, and sometimes things can just surprise you at how good they can turn out. This is true to Larry The Cable Guy. Larry grew up on a farm but would one day capture the hearts of millions with his comedic talent. Get to know his net worth in 2022.

He got his start as Daniel Whitney in the early 1990s, appearing on various radio shows and interviews. He also performed for shows like the Todd & Tyler Show and The Chris Baker Show. The comedian is happily married to his wife, Cara Whitney, and bears two children.

You know him as the stereotypical redneck comedian formerly guesting on various radio shows in his early days. More about Larry the Cable Guy, age, family life, & more, only in this article.

Larry The Cable Guy Real Name

Unbeknownst to many, Larry the Cable Guy was born Daniel Lawrence Whitney in February 1963. Daniel originally started in radio without a stage name or identity and went by his name. This carried on to the early years of his comedy career and gained minimal notoriety. But, this would all change in 1990.

Early in Daniel’s career, he was doing radio call-ins, but one particular call-in would affect his career. He posed as a cable installer in one of these call-ins and contacted another radio station under the pseudonym, Larry. The name has stuck since then, and today, the comedian still goes by this name and is how he gained prominence.

Larry The Cable Guy Age, Birthday

The comedian was born in the Midwest city of Pawnee on February 17, 1963. He will be turning 59 this February 2022.

How tall is Larry the Cable Guy?

Larry stands at the height of 5 feet 10 inches or 1.78 meters tall. Other comedians of the same height include Richard Pryor, Bill Burr, & Albert Brooks.

Net Worth

Larry found great success after joining Bill Engvall on Jeff Foxworthy’s Blue Collar Comedy Tour, further boosting his career. The 2000s saw him make appearances on movies such as Delta Farce & Witless Protection, along with the release of his comedy albums.

Larry also happens to be the voice of Mater, Lightning McQueen’s best friend in Pixar’s Cars franchise and video games.

Stereotypical redneck comedian, Larry the cable guy networth

A popular comedian, Larry the Cable Guy

The comedian also gives back to the community as he and his wife, Cara, are philanthropists. 2012 saw the partnership with Bektrom Foods after releasing Larry the Cable Guy seasonings, skillet dinners, & baking mixes. Part of the proceeds from this partnership went to Larry’s foundation “dedicated to helping children & veterans.”

Furthermore, his successful career has enabled him to purchase a $3.6 million home in Scottsdale, Arizona. It also appears he holds his hometown close to his heart as he also has property in his native Nebraska. Larry now has a staggering net worth of $100 million, which he amassed through his comedy career.

Larry the Cable Guy has a Wife, Cara Whitney.

Blue Collar Comedy Tour: The Movie actor and his wife, Cara Whitney, met early in Larry’s career, and there aren’t a lot of details about their relationship. A PEOPLE’s interview reveals that the couple met in Las Vegas over a decade into Larry’s blossoming career.

They married in 2005 at a field in Nebraska with a seemingly “outlandish” and redneck wedding. His spouse, Cara Whitney, wore shorts and a tank top, and Daniel in a cut-off sweatshirt. The entire affair cost only $180!

Daniel and his partner, Cara, have been inseparable since and share two children.

Larry The Cable Guy with his wife, Cara Whitney

Larry The Cable Guy with his wife, Cara Whitney

Cara Whitney Bio

Cara is a Wisconsin cattle farmer’s daughter who was born in 1976. She was also a known radio DJ in the 90s throughout the 2000s. She met Larry in 2004, married a year later, and gave him two children, Reagan & Wyatt.

Larry was a rising star at the time, and she owes part of her fame to her husband’s career. Cara Whitney is also the author of four books that revolve around devotion and evangelism.


The Whitney’s have two children, Reagan & Wyatt, born in August 2006 and December 2007. Wyatt was born with hip dysplasia but was cured through his parents’ donations leading to the founding of the IHDI. They went on to have another child a year after and welcomed a girl.

Reagan was named after her parents’ favorite president and seemed to be a daddy’s girl.


Larry The Cable Guy wife and children

Larry The Cable Guy is looking happy with his wife, Cara Whitney, and children, Reagan & Wyatt

Quick Facts

Full Name Daniel Lawrence Whitney
DOB February 17, 1963
Profession Comedian, voice actor
Age (2022) 58
Place of Birth Pawnee City, NE, USA
Relationship Status Married
Spouse/Girlfriend Cara, Whitney
Children Two – Reagan & Wyatt
Net worth $100 million

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