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Lupillo Rivera Net Worth, Age, Tattoos

Lupillo Rivera Net Worth, Age, Tattoos

Lupillo Rivera is a famous singer and songwriter. Even though he is an American, his Mexican origin is evident in his singing. He has claimed many awards for his amazing music throughout his career, including the most prestigious Grammy award.

Lupillo is the son of the popular actor/singer Pedro Rivera and the brother of another famous singer, Jenni Rivera.

In this article, we provide details on the net worth, age, and tattoo details of the singer Lupillo Rivera.

Lupillo Rivera Net worth

Lupillo has a massive net worth of $12.5 million as of 2022. His family has always been rich, thanks to his dad Pedro Rivera who started the family fortune. On that basis, almost all of the siblings of the Rivera family established a successful careers.

Lupillo is an award-winning singer with multiple Grammy nominations. His most prominent work has to be his Grammy-winning album Tu Esclavo Y Amo. The singer is extremely popular on Facebook with over 3 million followers.

On Instagram, he has 1.4 million followers as of 2022. Most of his social media posts are based on his live concerts and albums. Lupillo also occasionally shares pictures with his wife and family on his walls. To date, he has more than 77 million streams on Spotify.

Lupillo Rivera Tattoos

Lupillo had a tattoo of his past companion, Belinda, on the inside of his arm. Even though everyone speculates that Lupillo and Belinda were in a relationship which is further dictated by the tattoo of the celebrity, the singer denies any relationship rumors.

The singer mentions that the duo was simply close friends. Getting a tattoo was a casual choice which he certainly regretted later as he had to erase it.

According to wepublishnews, the singer was widely criticized by people from all media platforms after his decision to erase the tattoo. He also became a meme trend for quite some time after the incident.

Lupillo Rivera Reacted Belinda Tattoo

Lupillo has another tattoo on the outside of his arm. It depicts a singer holding a microphone. The tattoo is of the famous singer Jenni Rivera.

Jenni is the sister of Lupillo, and it is evident that they shared a special bond. Lupillo also has several other tattoos on his body.

How old is Lupillo Rivera?

Lupillo was born in 1972. He observes his birthday on Jan 30. As of 2022, the singer is 50 years old.


Full Name Guadalupe Rivera Saavedra
Date of Birth January 30, 1972
Profession Singer
Age (2022) 50 years
Place of Birth America
Ethnicity or Nationality American (Mexican origin)
Net Worth $12 million
Parents Name Pedro Rivera and Rosa Saavedra
Instagram followers 1.4 million

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