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Mandie Taketa: What is Wayne Brady’s Ex-wife Doing now?

Wayne Brady And His Ex-Wife Mandie Taketa Wiki

Mandie Taketa was known as Wayne Brady’s second wife before they divorced. Because of Mandie’s strong image, she has received love from her fans and her ex-husband’s fans. Moreover, the two remain friends and co-parent their daughter together. Scroll through here to know the scoop on What Wayne Brady’s Ex-wife Taketa is doing now?

Mandie Taketa Wikipedia

Mandie Taketa is a former actress and martial arts expert. She is also a yoga and fitness model. She became even more popular after becoming actor Wayne Brady’s second spouse.

Taketa was born to a Japanese immigrant father, Ronald Taketa, and a European mother. Moreover, she was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, on the 3rd of March, 1976.

Furthermore, Mandie’s father worked as the treasurer and executive secretary of the Hawaii Carpenters Union. Meanwhile, her mother was from Europe.

However, she was sick and passed away. Mandie revealed in an interview that she was the firstborn out of her four siblings. However, Kristie is her only sibling whose name is available publicly.

Moreover, Mandie has been doing martial arts ever since she was five years old. She also has an interest in dancing during her childhood days. Furthermore, she joined many martial arts competitions and officiated some of them.

Former actress and martial arts expert, Mandie Taketa

Former actress and martial arts expert, Mandie Taketa

The young martial artist also took up dance classes and got a full scholarship for dance at the University of Hawaii. However, she dropped out after attending the university for a year. She took her chance and went to Los Angeles to develop her singing and acting profession.

Mandie landed her first role as Vicky in the 2007 movie ManBand! The Movie. However, it didn’t help develop her acting career.

Furthermore, even if her career as an actress did not work out, she was still becoming a success. Mandie became a successful dancer, and she is even a gold medallist for acrobatics. Furthermore, she is also a famous bodybuilder and won many contests.

Ex-husband Wayne Brady

Unfortunately, information about how Mandie Taketa and Wayne Brady met is unavailable. However, Wayne revealed that they were close friends even before becoming husband and wife.

The former couple got married on April 3rd, 1999. However, Mandie filed a divorce in 2006, which was finalized in 2008. According to sources, she wanted full custody of their child, to which Wayne agreed.

According to reports, their divorce is because of differences that they couldn’t settle. Moreover, another reason could be Wayne’s depression. In an interview, they explained how his depression would make him lash out at people.

Mandie Taketa with her ex-husband, Wayne Brady

Mandie Taketa with her ex-husband, Wayne Brady

Mandie and Wayne remain close friends even after the divorce, and they also co-parent their daughter Maile.

Furthermore, in an interview, Mandie said that she still loves Wayne as a friend. She said,

I think we had an awesome marriage. We didn’t fail. It’s just that we kind of moved on after learning a bit about self-care and love.”

Before her, Wayne was married to his first wife Diana Lasso which ended in 1995.

Mandie Taketa Kids

Mandie Taketa has one daughter with Wayne Brady. They welcomed their beautiful daughter, Maile, on February 3, 2003. Furthermore, Maile is an actress like her parents and has appeared in different TV shows. She plays Tiffany in The Bold and the Beautiful.

Moreover, Mandie and her current boyfriend, Jason Fordham, recently adopted a baby boy named Sunny.


Wayne Brady and Mandie Taketa with their daughter, Maile

Wayne Brady and Mandie Taketa with their daughter, Maile

Mandie Taketa Net worth

Taketa became an actress, but it didn’t work out. Moreover, she pursued a career in dancing and bodybuilding. She is also the person who runs Everything Did Productions.

After years in the industries she ventures into, Mandie Taketa’s net worth now is $2 million with her successful career.

Current Boyfriend

Her current partner is Jason Fordham. Unfortunately, details about him are unavailable. However, according to sources, he owns a tiktok account where he promotes the products of different brands.

Mandie and Jason have been together for more than 10 years. Furthermore, the couple decided to adopt a baby boy named Sunny.

Mandie Taketa with her current boyfriend, Jason Fordham

Mandie Taketa with her current boyfriend, Jason Fordham

What is Mandie Taketa doing now?

Mandie Taketa’s present activities are unknown as she does not update a lot on social media. However, she probably focuses on being the acting CEO of Everything Did Productions. Moreover, it looks like she is also focusing her time on her family.

Full Name Mandie Taketa
Date of Birth March 3, 1976
Profession Bodybuilder, CEO, yoga instructor.
Age (2022) 45 years old
Relationship Status In a relationship
Children Maile Taketa and Sunny

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