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Marc Rebillet Net Worth, Height, Wife/Girlfriend

Facts about Marc Rebillet Net Worth, Height, girlfriend

With his comical lyrics, upbeat music, and unique fashion sense, Marc Rebillet stole the hearts of music lovers from around the globe. People are curious about this electronic music icon with his career taking off.

Are you curious about the YouTuber too? Keep on reading the article to know about Marc Rebillet’s net worth, height, and if he has a wife or girlfriend.

Who is Marc Rebillet?

Marc Rebillet is a musician and Youtuber. He was born on the 15th of December, the year 1988. Moreover, Marc was born in Texas, particularly in Dallas. He is of Irish descent, but he is of American nationality.

Furthermore, Marc has been musically involved since he was a kid. Before focusing on electronic music, Marc learned classical music when he was 15.

Image of a musician and Youtuber, Marc Rebillet

A musician and Youtuber, Marc Rebillet

Marc Rebillet rose to fame after starting his youtube channel. His contents revolve around composing electronic music. Moreover, he posted his first youtube video, HEADLINE WRITER MAKES HEADLINES, on July 13, 2016. Little did Marc know, this would be the start of his ultimate success.

With over 90,000 views, the video pioneered his career, and his subscriber count increased rapidly. Furthermore, Marc has about 1.88 million subscribers on his Youtube Channel.

Net Worth

Marc Rebillet’s net worth estimate is about $54.1k to $324k. One of Marc’s income sources is his Youtube channel through Youtube ads.

Another one of his income sources is his live shows. A typical Marc Rebillet ticket is about $83.


Marc Rebillet is 168 centimeters tall. He revealed his height on Twitter, saying,

“I’m 5’6, ladies. If you think you’re gonna see Chris Hemsworth at the concert, it’s more like Danny Devito.”

Is Marc Rebillet Married to a Wife or Dating a Girlfriend?

There are no recent updates about Marc Rebillet’s wife\girlfriend. By the looks of it, the youtube sensation is single.

Although, Marc dated someone back in 2013. The woman’s name is Margaret Burgau.

Moreover, Marc posted a photo of his former girlfriend, Margaret, on Instagram. The caption says,

“Happy Valentine’s Day!! We have a new member of the family!”

Marc Rebillet share the photo of his ex-girlfriend, Margaret Burgau

Marc Rebillet’s ex-girlfriend, Margaret Burgau

Moreover, the two already called it quits. However, Marc and his ex-girlfriend, Margaret, did not reveal the reason why. According to Margaret’s Instagram photo, she is already married to a man named Brock Burgau.

Furthermore, Brock and his wife, Margaret’s wedding happened on April 14, 2018.

Marc Rebillet Ex-Girlfriend Margaret Burgau married to Brock Burgau

Marc Rebillet’s former girlfriend, Margaret, is married to Brock Burgau


Peculiar, iconic, and effortless – these are what Marc Rebillet’s music is known for, and his fans love them. Marc is undoubtedly off to even greater heights with his growing Youtube channel and sky-rocketing career.

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