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Marco Antonio Solis Net Worth, Age. Wife Cristian Salas and Kids

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Marco Antonio Solis Net Worth, Age. Wife Cristian Salas and Kids

Marco Antonio Solís Sosa, or more commonly known by the public as Marco Antonio Solis, is among the most iconic singers in the history of Mexican music. He came to the spotlight along with the rise of his band Los Bukis. Solis captured the heart of countless listeners not only from Mexico but also outside of the United States.

The Mexican musician won several major recognition at some renowned award-giving bodies, like Latin Grammy Awards (five awards) and Billboard Latin Music Awards (nine awards). These honors push even further his career, making him a sought-after performer of his days.

The musician and his current wife, Cristian Salas are living together for 28 years.

Let’s explore more information about Marco’s net worth, age, and their children.

Who is Marco Antonio Solis?

At the young age of 6, Marco Antonio Solis was already hooked up in the world of music and began performing in a family band called Los Hermanitos Solís. In 1975, he created Los Bukis alongside his cousin Joel Solis. As a composer and singer of the band, it skyrocketed him and his tremolo into the highest standing of Mexican pop rank. 

In the subsequent 20 years, Los Bukis emerged to significantly impact the Tex-Mex and norteña music of Regional Mexico and the American Southwest. As the band continued to perform and release new songs, Marco Antonio Solís likewise composed and produced albums for Maria Sorte, Rocio Durcal, and Marisela. 

And since Marco’s career and name regained reputation in the music industry, he embarked on a solo career, and the band eventually broke off. He had his debut solo album in 1996, entitled En Pleno Vuelo. 

Marco Antonio Solis’ legacy exists in the numerous credits and honors that he has obtained here and there of his career. The Mexican singer has been placed in the Billboard Latin Music Hall of Fame since he bagged nine awards from the Billboard Latin Awards. His name can also be seen in the Hollywood Walk of Fame. 

Last October 2021, he resurfaced in the Billboard’s Regional Mexican Airplay chart as his recent song Se Veía Venir reached the #1 spot on the said chart. Being in the music industry for over two decades, he has achieved high regard as a virtuoso in creating melodic pop music. Nowadays, he is deemed the best-ever Latin singer by his admirers.

Net Worth

As of 2022, Marco Antonio Solís has roughly $10 million net worth and annual earnings of $750,000. His net worth and salary have been noted from several reliable sites and sources. 

His leading income source comes from his profession as a performer, singer, songwriter, and music producer. Thanks to his several sources of revenue, Marco has been able to earn a decent amount of wealth, though he chose to have a humble way of living.


In 1959 of December 29 Marco Antonio Solis Sosa was born in Ario de Rosales, Michoacán, Mexico. The former Los Bukis vocalist is currently 62 years of age. And being born in December, he has a star sign of Capricorn.

Marco Antonio Solis is married to wife Cristian Salas since 1993

Marco first tied the knot with singer Beatriz Adriana in 1983, but the two eventually divorced after four years of marriage. Then in 1993, Marco walked down the aisle for the second time to Christian Salas. 

His current wife, Christian Salas, is a Cuban entrepreneur, model, and the CEO of a sportswear line called Salas Activewear. Salas was always expressed as the lady with whom Marco Solis was head over heels and changed the singer’s life completely. 

The two met in 1992 when Christian as a model was cast in the singer’s music video. It has to be recalled that Solis was starstruck with Christian the first time he saw the mode. Not just for her loveliness but also her boldness and aura of a genuine Cuban. Since their encounter, they both realize that their love would beat all things. 

 Marco Antonio Solis with his second wife, Cristian Salas

Marco Antonio Solis in the same black t-shirt with his second wife, Cristian Salas

The singer and his spouse dated for quite some time and then married in 1993. And therefore, Cristian Salas became the second partner of the Mexican musician. 

The couple has been living together as a husband and wife for 28 years, and the commitment and love for the two of them are very evident.


Marco Antonio Solís has four kids from his first and second wife. He has two kids from Beatriz Adriana, namely Marco Antonio Solís Jr. and Beatriz Solís. And he and Christian Salasm also shared two lovely daughters, Marla and Alison Solís. 

Marco Antonio Solis Jr

It was reported by the In Couple that Marco Antonio Solís has a son, named Marco Antonio Jr, from another strange woman who is residing in Cancun with his mom and sibling. The issue came to light after a picture was leaked to the public. 

But Beatriz Solis denied the rumor and announced that it was his brother. While the details of the singer’s son are not revealed to the public, the Mexican singer’s family knew regarding Marco Antonio Jr’s existence, as proved by his sister. 

Beatriz Adriana Solis

Beatriz Adriana Solis is the second-child of Marco Antonio Solis and singer Beatriz Adriana. She was born in 1989 on May 10. She is famous for being a singer and a social media influencer. 

Marco Antonio Solís has seemingly handed down the music gene to his daughter. In 2018, Beatriz released two new songs, Llevame and Mi Nueva Historia.

Beatriz Adriana Solis with her father, Marco Antonio Solis

Beatriz Adriana Solis smiling with her father, Marco Antonio Solis

Alison Solis

Alison Solis is the eldest daughter of Marco Antonio Solis and Christian Salas, as she was born in 1998 on December 2. She has indeed inherited the glamor of his mother and the singing skills of his father. 

Alison has more than 201K followers on her Instagram account. And her loyal fans always leave praises and compliments on every photo she posts on her social media. Without a doubt, the deep gaze of the young lass is among her assets that captivated numerous hearts. 

She can also be seen in various red carpet events with her family, such as the Lo Nuestro Awards. 

Alison Solis, daughter of Marco Antonio Solis

Alison Solis, the eldest daughter of Marco Solis

Marla Solis

Marla Solis was born on 2000 July 19. She is the youngest daughter of the Mexican singer Marco Antonio Solis. Marla was only 13 years old when she got her huge break as a model. She debuted in the fashion industry as a model for the Glitz & Glam line of quinceanera dresses by designer Vero Solis.

The youngest Solis is more than just commencing her profession as a model and influencer owing to the unvarying and life-filled captions she often posted on her platform.

Marla Solis, daughter of Marco Antonio Solis

The youngest daughter of Marco, Marla Solis

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