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Meet Claire Holt’s Husband, Andrew Joblon, and Kids. Ex Matt Kaplan

Facts about Claire Holt's Husband, Andrew Joblon, and Kids

Claire Holt is a gorgeous lady actress. We know her as Rebekah, belonging to the original family of vampires from The Originals. This show attempts to bridge the gap in events presented in The Vampire Diaries, explaining how the races of vampires and werewolves originally started. Read this to know Claire Holt’s husband Andrew Joblon.

What follows after is even more fun to watch. Also, she has played the role of Samara, Chastity Meyer, and Emma Gilbert in other popular shows. Claire’s recent post about her getting eight more kids has made the fanbase curious about her personal life, as well as her relationship status. Continue reading to know about her ex-husband Matt Kaplan and kids.

Claire Holt is now married to her husband Andrew Joblon since 2018

The famed actress Claire holt, who was a part of The Original’s core team, is now married to Andrew Joblon. Claire had already announced the engagement in December of 2017.

A year later, the couple had a marvelous wedding ceremony formalizing the romantic relationship between the two.

Claire shared a moment between her and Andrew via the Instagram post. It has a caption 8.18.18, denoting August 18, 2018, which is the date of their marriage.

In the picture, Claire looks gorgeous in a bridal gown as she is holding a bouquet of white roses. Similarly, Andrew is to the left of Claire, looking majestic in his blue wedding suit.

Claire Holt shared Wedding with Andrew Joblon picture on Instagram

Who is Andrew Joblon?

Andrew Joblon is an American personality, a real estate executive, and a successful business owner. It will be appropriate to claim that Andrew got into the spotlight after getting engaged with the actress Claire Holt.

Claire Holt’s husband Andrew shares the moments of his personal life, as well as the time with his family, via his Instagram. The very first post on his Instagram is from 7th December 2017.

His popularity increased after he got into a relationship with Claire Holt. This relationship turned him into an internet sensation overnight.

Andrew Joblon and Claire Holt looking hot

He belongs to a wealthy American family, the funds from which supported him through the beginning struggles in the business world. He was born on 20th February 1988. He received his formal education through Tabor Academy, located in Marion, Massachusetts.

Andrew has been interested in business ever since his childhood. Pursuing his dreams, he joined George Washington University. From there, he completed the Bachelor of Business Administration course.

Andrew Joblon’s current net worth is estimated to be around the million-dollar mark, about $1.4 million. He established Turnbridge Equities in 2015 to work with investment businesses. Most of his earnings are derived from this establishment.

Claire Holt’s first marriage with ex-husband Matt Kaplan ended in less than one year.

Matthew Kaplan is a film producer and actor based in California, United States. He started Ace Entertainment, from where he manages his production business.

In recent years, he has gained some attention due to his ties with the actress Claire Holt. Matt was engaged to Claire in July of 2015.

After being together for some time, they decided to marry. Their details about their marriage are shrouded in mystery due to the fact was it was conducted in private. It was on 20th April 2016 that they started the marital relationship.

Claire Holt with her ex-husband, Matt Kaplan

Claire Holt with her ex-husband, Matt Kaplan

In their time together, Matt faced several issues and couldn’t carry on the relationship any longer. He felt the increasing differences between them and filed a marriage just a day before their wedding anniversary. Luckily for Claire, it opened the new doors of opportunity, which let her date Andrew- a much better match.

Like Claire, it wasn’t Andrew’s first relationship either. Before being in a marital relationship with Claire, he was engaged in a romantic relationship with Amanda Michelle Seyfried for a long time.


Following their marriage, Claire and Andrew had a few thoughts about having the kids. By November, they finalized the decision to have their first child. Soon enough, their first son James was born in the month of March 2019.

One year later, the couple welcomed their second child Elle into the family. Claire’s daughter Elle was born on September 12th, 2020. We can see the entire family picture uploaded by Andrew on his Instagram.

Claire Holt with her husband, Andrew Joblon and her kids

In a recent post that Claire uploaded on her marriage Anniversary, she says she wants eight more babies with her husband.

They have been together for three years till the date, and Claire surely looks very satisfied with her current relationship. However, whether she will get eight more children to reach 10 in total is something we’ll certainly have to wait and see.

Claire Holt and Andrew Joblon Anniversary post on Instagram

Andrew Joblon Wiki

Full Name Andrew Joblon
Date of Birth 20th February 1983
Profession Real Estate Executive/ Business Owner
Age (2022) 38 years old
Relationship Status Married
Spouse name Claire Holt
Children 3
Net Worth $1.4 Billion
Instagram followers 210k

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