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Method Man Net Worth, Age, Height. Wife Tamika Smith and Kids

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Method Man Net Worth, Age, Height, Wife Tamika Smith and Kids

The versatile Method Man hailed from the East Coast Hip-Hop group called Wu-Tang Clan. Moreover, the said clan is a group of talented rappers and artists. From writing and rapping hits to acting on the small screen, the rapper never fails to bring his A-game.

Such a wide variety of skills gives curiosity to his current net worth. Please read this article to know more about his age, height, and a glimpse of his adorable wife, Tamika Smith, and their kids.

Age, Birthday

Meth was born on the 2nd of March in 1971 as Clifford Smith Jr. As of 2022, Method is 50 years of age. In comparison to other rappers, like his partner Redman (51) and a few others, RZA (52) and Snoop Dogg (50), Method is considerably around the same age.

Rappers, especially those who boomed during the 1990s, have aged primarily around their 50s.

Method Man Net Worth

Inspired by the 1979 film of the same name, Method Man, was created. The rapper first came to the picture in 1992 for being part of the Wu-Tang Clan. He released his work alongside other rappers and signed under different labels.

He made further progress in music around the late 90s, and his music continues to be released until the present. However, aside from music, Smith also had a passion for acting.

Thus, he began a career in acting around the late 1990s. He started with minor recurring roles from shows like CSI and The Twilight Zone, eventually landing roles in movies such as Cop Land.

Famous rapper and music producer, Method Man networth

Famous rapper and music producer, Method Man

The talented artist continues to shine in both the music and acting industry and will remain so. However, from platinum albums to Grammy awards, it seems Method Man’s true calling will always be music. There is no telling where he gets most of his income, but he gains the most in the entertainment industry.

Thus, he has a considerable net worth of $14 million as of 2022.

How tall is Method Man?

Rappers always have that charisma, no matter their size. Standing at the height of 6 feet and 3 inches, Method has a large frame. Furthermore, in comparison to rappers like RZA (6’2″) and Ghostface Killah (6’1″), he is pretty tall. Moreover, he indeed drops the beat for someone with Method Man’s height.

Method Man has been Married to his wife Tamika Smith since 2001.

The rapper turned actor was married to his wife, Tamika Smith, in 2001. Clifford Smith and his partner, Tamika Muldrow, met around the late 90s. However, it is not clear how exactly they met. But there are claims that Tamika was an assistant of the rapper.

The two eventually fell in love and formed a relationship, and around 1996, they had a son. Furthermore, in Method’s spouse’s LinkedIn, she listed down being an assistant to the rapper. Thus, we can presume that she worked as his personal assistant for five years, from 1997 until 2002.

Method Man having dinner date with his wife, Tamika Smith

Method Man, along with his wife, Tamika Smith

During this time, the rapper was at the peak of his career. Moreover, they were already starting as a family with their three kids. By 1999, Method Man made it official and proposed to Tamika.

However, unlike most couples, the two remained engaged for a couple of years before tying the knot in 2001.

Method Man Wife, Tamika Smith’s Net Worth, Age

Tamika Smith is the wife of rapper Method Man. She was born in the United States to mother Deborah Muldrow on July 14, 1975. At present, she is currently 46 years old. Moreover, Tamika was working as an aid for adults with physical disabilities. In addition, she was an assistant for Method Man.

According to Mrs. Smith’s LinkedIn page, she is a beauty shop business owner. To add, most of her income comes from being a business owner. However, her net worth is not publicized.

Method Man has three children with his wife, Tamika

  • Sha Smith

Sha is the eldest child and son of Smith. He was born in 1996 and is now 25 years old. There are no further details about him.

Method Man with his wife, Tamika Smith and children

Method Man with his wife, Tamika Smith, and children

  • Twins Rae and Cheyenne Smith

The youngest kids in the Smith family were born in 1997. Cheyenne, the daughter, and Raekwon, the second son, are fraternal twins. Aside from the photos of the siblings in their father’s social media accounts, there are no details about them.

Method Man Quick Facts

Name Method Man
Full Name Clifford Smith Jr.
Birthdate March 2, 1971
Age (2022) 50 years old
Place of Birth Hempstead, New York, United States
Height 6 feet 3 inches
Profession Rapper, Music Producer, Songwriter, Actor
Relationship Status Married
Spouse Tamika Muldrow Smith
Children 3 (Raekwon Smith, Cheyenne Smith, and Sha Smith)
Net Worth $20 Million

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