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Morgan Wallen Net Worth, Height. Wife, son Indigo Wilder.

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Morgan Wallen Net Worth, Height, wife, son, Indigo Wilder

Country singer Morgan Wallen took the world by storm after successfully getting the attention of Usher and Adam Levine in the singing competition The Voice. The young singer is currently gracing the world with his talent for singing. Because of his success, many people are curious how much Morgan Wallen is worth.

Are you curious too? Keep reading to get details on Morgan Wallen’s net worth, height, wife, and son Indigo Wilder.

Morgan Wallen net worth

Furthermore, Morgan also has a Youtube channel with about 1.33 million subscribers. Almost all of his youtube music videos have millions of views which possibly add to his income through Youtube Ads.

Aside from his music and Youtube channel, Morgan Wallen also sells his merchandise. Morgan sells different items, from CDs to clothing items.

His CDs cost $15, Digital Download costs $14.99, Music Vinyl costs $20 – $39.99, and cassettes costs $29.98. Furthermore, Tees range from $25 to $42. Other items are also available, like caps, tumblers, bags, bandanas, pullover hoodies, and more.

Morgan Wallen developed his love for music when he was three years old. His training ground was singing at a church because his mother loved Christian songs. Moreover, he learned how to play the violin at five years old, followed by guitar and piano.

Morgan rose to fame after participating in The Voice in February 2014. Wallen advanced to the battle round under the guidance of The Voice coach Usher and later on, joined the team of Adam Levine. However, Morgan got eliminated during the playoffs.

Because of his success, Morgan was able to get a manager, an agent, and was able to be part of Loud Shirt music. Moreover, Morgan released If I Know Me, his first full-length album, in 2018


As a country singer and songwriter, Morgan Wallen’s net worth estimate is about $4 million. Moreover, his songs get about $50 thousand sales and make $80 thousand for his shows.

Morgan Wallen is Not Married to his wife.

Morgan Wallen is currently not married to anyone at the moment. However, he was supposed to marry his ex-fiance, Katie Smith. Katie Smith is the mother of Morgan Wallen’s son.

There was no clear detail when Morgan and Katie broke up. Furthermore, the reason for their break up is also unknown. According to reports, the couple started dating way back in 2017.

In her blog, Katie talks about how it felt to have an on-and-off relationship with an artist. Fans speculated that her blog was about Morgan, although Katie did not say his name. Moreover, Morgan’s rising fame might have stressed both of them.

Morgan Wallen and his ex-girlfriend, Katie Smith

Morgan Wallen and his ex-girlfriend, Katie Smith

Morgan and Katie now agreed to co-parent for their son. Moreover, Katie lives in Nashville; that way, it would not be hard for her and Warren to co-parent. According to reports, Morgan Wallen is not in a relationship as of 2022. It seems like the country singer is focusing on his career.

Morgan Wallen has a son Indigo Wilder with his ex-fiance, Katie Smith

Morgan Wallen and Katie Smith have a son together. Indigo Wallen was born on the 10th of July 2020. During that time, Morgan was still together with his ex-fiance Katie Smith. Moreover, Morgan and Katie continue to be loving parents as they co-parent Indigo.

Morgan said that because of his son Indigo, he changed. He sees his son as the gift that helped him get through the difficult things that happened.

Indigo turned one last July 12, 2021, and his parents threw him a cowboy birthday party. Katie posted photos of the celebration on her Instagram page.

Katie Smith Son Indigo Wilder


How tall is Morgan Wallen?

Morgan Wallen’s height measurement is 5 feet and 10.5 inches. He is 1/2 taller than fellow country singer Tim McGraw who stands at 5 feet and 10 inches.

However, Morgan is shorter than another country singer Blake Shelton who is 6 foot 4, and Lil Nas X, who stands at 6 foot 1.


Morgan’s rising fame came with a price, but it did not stop him from attaining his goals. Morgan continues to be a great artist and, at the same time, be a great father to his son. With loyal supporters and incredible talent, Morgan Wallen is off to even greater heights.

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