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Myke Towers Height, Age, Net Worth

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Myke Towers Height Age Net Worth

Myke Towers is a famous singer and composer who hails from Puerto Rico. He is under contract with Casablanca Records and The Orchard Music. His most famous songs are Darte, Sigue Bailandome, and Si Se Da. Towers has also worked with other notable performers such as Bad Bunny, Byrant Myers, Darell, and Farruko.

In addition, he also has a massive following on his YouTube and Instagram accounts.

Here is everything you want to know about the singer regarding his height, birthday, and net worth in 2022.

Who Is Myke Towers?

Myke Towers started his music career when he was in his teens. He started on SoundCloud. Young Kingz Entertainment gave him his first break. Some of his early hit songs dating back to 2014 are Yo Estoy, Soledad, and Dia De Cobro.

Myke worked hard to reach his level of popularity today. He collaborated with other prominent artists. In addition, Myke also appeared in a documentary that showcased how the urban music scene in Puerto Rico has evolved through the years.

Famous singer and composer, Myke Towers

Famous singer and composer, Myke Towers

In 2016, Myke recorded his first solo album entitled El Final del Principio. It contained ten tracks that included the hit songs Interesting, Habitacion 420, and Dia de Cobro.

His album garnered more than 10 million views on YouTube and SoundCloud. In 2018, Myke collaborated with Alex Rose in the song Darte. The song became a hit, and it had more than 50 million YouTube views.

In 2019, the artist created the hit song Si Se Da in collaboration with Farruko. That song had over 160 million YouTube views. La Playa is his latest track, and it is also viral on YouTube with more than 300 million views.


Myke Towers may not look that tall onscreen, but he is a tall guy in person. However, he is indeed a towering figure at the height of 5 feet and 11 inches.

Myke Towers Net Worth

Myke Towers has a net worth of $32 million as of 2022. The young millionaire earned his fortune from his very lucrative music career. His album sales rake in a small fortune.

In addition, the Si Se Da singer also makes a considerable income from his YouTube channel, where his videos rake in millions of views. The young artist also earns from his concert tours that are mostly sold out.

Myke Towers Networth

Puerto Rican rapper, Myke Towers


The birth date of Myke Towers is January 15, 1994. He has just commemorated his 28th birthday. Myke has created a name for himself in the music industry and amassed a small fortune at a very young age.

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