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NAS Daily Net Worth. Meet his Wife-to-be Girlfriend, Alyne Tamir

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Facts about NAS Daily networth and his girlfriend Alyne

Nuseir Yassin, or more publicly known as Nas Daily, is a famous Palestinian-Israeli video blogger. Nuseir Yassin is renowned for his one-minute videos in which he narrates his life adventures, along with the locals he encounters as he travels the globe. 

Perhaps уоu are a bit familiar with Nаѕ Dаіlу. However, do you have a slight idea regarding NAS Daily’s net worth as of 2022? Also, read about his partner, Alyne Tamir. If you want to know, keep reading this page as we have some details on what you are searching for.

NAS Daily Net Worth

While thеrе іѕ hardly any data concerning hіѕ incomes аnd revenues but taking into account thе degree оf stardom hе hаѕ achieved during the recent уеаrѕ, thе numbers аrе undoubtedly massive. According to some reports, as of 2022, the video blogger’s net worth is estimated to be $5 million. 

Before NAS captured people’s attention on Facebook, he was initially employed as a software engineer at Venmo in New York, where he was earning more than a hundred thousand dollars every year. Then he resigned and began making short videos. 

NAS acquired a great deal of his wealth from his YouTube channel and the studio (business). He established his Youtube channel in 2011 and has been among the most recognized vloggers on Youtube, flaunting 6.16 million subscribers. 

Image of famous Palestinian-Israeli video blogger, NAS Daily

Famous Palestinian-Israeli video blogger, NAS Daily

The vlogger’s earnings began amounting to $20,000-$25,000 monthly from Facebook and approximately $15,000 from public lectures and brand deals – having monthly payments of roughly $40,000. His studio also yields $100,000 monthly gross income, with around $40,000 in expenditures. 

For that reason, Nuseir Yassin’s monthly revenue is approximated to be $400,000-$500,000, with roughly $300,000 from endorsers and $100,000 from advertisements. 

Furthermore, Nas authored a book and accumulated nearly $10,000. 

Nas is still young, and dozens of opportunities may come at his door. He can obtain more than his existing net worth right away, noticing his dedication and passion for his career.

Nuseir Yassin’s Girlfriend, Alyne Tamir

The famous Youtuber is currently in a relationship with Alyne Tamir, and their union is stronger than ever. There is no sign that an exchange of wedding vows will happen shortly. 

Like NAS, Alyne Tamir is a famous internet sensation, traveler, and vlogger. NAS’ girlfriend is also known for her Youtube channel named #dearalyne. 

On June 6, 2016, Day 58 of Nas’ adventure, Nas met Alyne after seeing a video of Nas talking about Jerusalem. After spending time and traveling together, their friendships became much more than that, and they eventually started dating. 

Alyne Tamir with her boyfriend Nas Daily

Alyne Tamir looks gorgeous with her boyfriend, Nas Daily

Being a video blogger, Nas also announced their relationship through his Youtube channel. However, their revelation was not typical. The two continued to enumerate the challenges that hindered their romance.

Nas is a Muslim, while his girlfriend is Jewish and is from a Mormon community. Alyne likewise said that in a typical girlfriend-and-boyfriend, the guy is often older, though, in theirs, Nas is two years younger than her. 

In Nas Daily videos, he looks like he enjoys the company of Alyne as they make videos of their journey around the world together. All told, the couple is doing an excellent job.

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