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Nick Sandmann Net Worth, College, Parents

Facts about Nick Sandman networth, College, Parents

Nicholas Sandmann, also known as Nick Sandmann, is an American college student. His popularity in the media has come from a widely misinterpreted/disseminated video from 18 January 2019 that portrays him as a negative character. The video became viral on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media handles. It was also reported on different major media platforms.

Following such popularity, people have regularly shown interest in who Nick Sandmann is. We have piled up every available detail about him in the article below, including Nick Sandmann’s net worth, his parents, and his education.

Who is Nick Sandmann?

Nick Sandmann is a senior student at Covington Catholic High School located in Park Hills, Kentucky. On 18 January 2019, he managed to gain the whole world’s eyes after being a part of a controversial video.

The misinterpreted video showed Nick and other college students confronting Nathan Phillips, an American political activist. According to the media, the group was chanting racist words and songs. However, the truth was not what the media tried to depict.

Nick and his high school friends were returning from an Indigenous People’s Day rally and waiting for their buses. It was when five people belonging to Black Hebrew Israelites came near them and taunted all the passers-by. Moreover, they threw racist slurs and insulted several activists, including Nathan Phillips.

Image of an American college student, Nick Sandmann

Nick Sandmann from misinterpreted/disseminated Viral video

The media covered the news with Nick as its face. It made him infamous and made him the center of national controversy. Moreover, he received death threats from individuals as well as organizations.

Following the defamation, he and other high school students filed multi-million-dollar lawsuits against different news agencies. Moreover, Nick filed a defamation lawsuit amounting to $275 million against America’s media giant, Washington Post. Both the parties privately settled the case in December 2021.

Age and Parents

Nicholas was born to his parents, Julie Weis(mother) and Ted Sandmann(father), in Kentucky, USA, in 2002. His age currently is 19 years. There are no facts available on the internet regarding his siblings.


At the time of the infamous incident in 2019, Nick Sandmann was a senior at Covington Catholic High School in Park Hills. As of 2021, he must have joined college after graduating high school. However, we do not have the name and details of the college he attends.

Nick Sandmann at Covington Catholic High School

Covington Catholic High School

Nick Sandmann Net Worth

Currently, Nick Sandman attends college and does not have any professional career. However, in 2021, he privately settled a lawsuit worth around $275 million with The Washington Post. It must have increased his net worth massively.

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