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Home » How Tall is NLE Choppa? Net Worth, Age, Haircut, Parents

How Tall is NLE Choppa? Net Worth, Age, Haircut, Parents

NLE Choppa Net Worth, Age, Haircut, Parents

NLE Choppa shook the world overnight with his released album and songs with his sick beats and exceptional lyrics. As of today, NLE Choppa is one of the up-and-coming young rappers in the industry of hip-hop and rap. Now, fans cannot help but be curious about rapper Choppa’s height, and personal life.

Do you want to know details on NLE Choppa’s way of living and personal life? Read here to learn about NLE Choppa’s net worth, age, haircut, and parents.

What does NLE Choppa Mean? His real name

The NLE in NLE Choppa means No Love Entertainment. According to NLE Choppa, the name is a movement he started with his good friends. In an interview, NLE Choppa said that NLE is a brand he wants to turn into a label. Moreover, rapper Choppa’s legal name is Bryson Lashun Potts

Age and Birthday

NLE Choppa was born on January 11, 2002. He is currently 19 years old. Furthermore, the 19-year-old rapper hails proudly from Tennessee, particularly in Memphis.

NLE Choppa Height

NLE Choppa’s height measurement is 6 feet and 1 inch. His height compliments his 75 kg body weight. Moreover, he seems to value his health and fitness as his body is well-toned.

NLE Choppa is an inch taller than fellow Memphis rapper Juicy J who stands at 6 feet. Furthermore, he is also taller than another rapper Isaiah Rashad who’s 5 foot 6.

However, NLE Choppa is 3 inches shorter than Young Dolph, another American rapper from Tennessee.


NLE Choppa Net Worth

NLE Choppa’s net worth estimate as of the year 2022 is $3 million. He owes his success to his hit single Shotta Flow, which he released in 2019. Moreover, the album is certified by the RIAA as platinum.

NLE Choppa’s main source of living is his career as a rapper. He sells his music on online music sites. Moreover, he also releases songs on his Youtube channel, which has over 4.88 million subscribers.

All his videos have thousands to millions of views, and because of this, he possibly earns through Youtube ads as well. Aside from his music, Bryson Lashun Potts also has clothing items sold under Warner Records. The items start at $8.98 to $60.00.

Image of the young rising rapper, NLE Choppa

The young rising rapper, NLE Choppa

Moreover, the young rapper also appears in shows to perform live. Because of his growing success and popularity, NLE Choppa’s net worth estimate will increase in the feature.

Parents and siblings

NLE Choppa’s mother is Angeleta Ellis Potts, who also serves as his manager. She has been her manager ever since NLE showed interest in music and rapping.

Angeleta Ellis Potts also has a huge following on Instagram with over 96.4 thousand followers. Aside from being her son’s manager, Angeleta is also an accountant, business consultant, and real estate investor. Furthermore, she also does notary.

Moreover,  NLE Choppa and his mother Angeleta seem to have a close relationship, as seen in their videos and photos together. On Angeleta’s Youtube channel, she is often seen pranking her son. As of 2022, her Youtube Channel has about 10 thousand followers.

Unfortunately, there are no details about NLE Choppa’s father as well as his siblings. However, in one of his vlogs on his personal Youtube Channel, NLE upload a video of him giving his brother a car.

NLE Choppa and his mother, Angeleta Ellis Potts

NLE Choppa and his mother, Angeleta Ellis Potts

NLE Choppa Haircut.

NLE Choppa sports different hairstyles, as seen on his Youtube videos and Instagram photos. Moreover, one of NLE Choppa’s hairstyles is dreadlocks. There are a lot of black personalities who sport dreadlocks, especially rappers, and one of them is the veteran himself, Snoop Dogg. Another professional rapper who wears dreadlocks is Lil Wayne.

Furthermore, Choppa also had a Drop Fade haircut. Another rapper sports the same haircut as Yungeen Ace. In a youtube video by Mr. Outliner, he gave a tutorial on how to do another one of NLE Choppa’s haircuts which is the crispy lineup.


NLE Choppa sports different hairstyles

Rising Rapper NLE Choppa

Gay rumors

Rumors about NLE Choppa being gay circulated the online community after Wet Fiji, an adult film actress, tweeted controversial tweets about the rapper. In her tweets, Wet Fiji said that NLE Choppa was gay. According to Wet Fiji, NLE Choppa paid her $6500 to spend a night with him and another guy.

NLE Choppa Gay Rumors by Wet Fiji

Dead or Alive?

NLE Choppa is very much alive. News going around about his death were just rumors. It all started when a tweet from NLE’s official Twitter account alarmed fans. Not long after, the tweet was deleted.

Moreover, another rumor started when a Twitter user tweeted, “@HoeIsNleChoppeDead? What happened?”.

The rumors were soon put to rest when Choppa’s manager spoke up about the rapper’s wellbeing.


With his raw talent and fantastic appeal, it is no doubt that NLE Choppa will rise even higher in the rap industry. This rising talent will stop at nothing to reach his dreams with loyal fans and a supportive family.

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